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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter pizza

All right, I admit I had pizza today. But before you laugh at me, listen to my reasoning. I have a terrific argument. And it's all based on sound science.

Here's the news. Tocotrienols, which are a form of vitamin E, can reverse clogged arteries, which are a major problem in the United Stated. Clogged arteries can lead to heart attacks and strokes. So you definitely want to unclog you arteries, if you can! But before now, unfortunately, there were no pharmaceutical drugs that could do that. Put more simply, modern medicine -- despite all its marvels and wonderful abilities -- could not do the one thing that is needed to prevent heart attack and stroke. It could not unclog arteries.

But new research from Malaysia reveals that a classical and traditional fool -- palm oil -- has the potential to do what modern medicine can't, namely unclog arteries. Here's how it works. Palm oil contains tocotrienols. Virtually no other food does. Certainly no food that is typically consumed in the U.S. contains this wonderful vitamin. And Malaysian scientists have concentrated the tocotrienols (a form of vitamin E) from palm oil. And you can now obtain it as a supplement. I take it twice a day.

And now I can eat pizza. (At least occasionally.) Without worrying that I'm going to be killing myself. Thank heavens for tocotrienols.

If you find this hard to believe, Google tocotrienols and clogged arteries. And read the good news for yourself.


Prily said...

Thanks for this interesting post.Does this mean also that Virgin Oil also has tocotrienols? I mean this one is from Coconut palm oil as well.It has become very popular also.Oh well,guess, we also need good oils!Cheers!

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Donna Sundblad said...

LOL, I'll have to remember that. Maybe you could drop over to my blog, Losing Weight From a Writer's POV and let my readers know about your find.

What I find funny is how they gave coconut oil a bad wrap not that long ago...but I don't always believe what I hear. It pays to do research.

Syn said...

We had pizza for Easter last year. Nothing wrong with a little Easter pizza:)

travel agent businessman said...!
Thanks for the tips on unclogging arteries.
There is just so much information out there.

helping growing improving said...

I hear Olive Oil is very good for you.
Also, vinegar and water.
All those can possibly help to keep the arteries in good shape.