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Saturday, November 8, 2008


I had a very unusual experience yesterday.

It was three o'clock and I was on a bus coming home from New York City, and I happened to have a box of my husband's vitamins with me. I had picked it up at his uncle's house. His uncle Jerry is a terrific chemist who sometimes gets vitamins for us. Anyway, I was feeling sleepy, so I thought I'd take one of the vitamin pills to keep myself awake. Within five or ten minutes I started to feel brighter than I had felt all week. In fact I felt better than when I come off the treadmill at the gym. I wondered how vitamins could do so much for me. Then I looked down and saw that I had opened the wrong bottle, and instead of taking a multivitamin I had taken a pill called Suntheanine. Turns out Suntheanine is a form of L-Theanine, a concentrated amino acid derived from tea.

"Don't you know that theanine increases brain dopamine?" said my husband. "It makes you feel good because it alters brain chemistry for the better. That's one reason people like drinking tea. Well, this stuff is more concentrated and that's why it had the effect it does. That explains why you perked up."

I have to tell a few of my friends about theanine. I know some people this could help. And the best thing is that it's cheap as dirt and all natural. So you don't have to worry that you're taking a drug. I like everything natural.

"Where's my cauliflower?" my husband is saying, even as I write this. I'll tell you why he's so concerned about that next time.


Marilyn Christian said...

I like cauliflower too.

Angie said...

I hadn't heard of it until a few months ago, and still haven't tried it, but I wrote a post about it in April. I'm thinking about trying it during the dulldrums of winter, when the cold drab days never end! Amp Elevate has L-theanine added to it as does the Blue Cow Relaxation Drink. But of course, pill form will be stronger.