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Friday, May 30, 2008


Cooking has many advantages, making food taste great and also reducing protein to an edible form. But overcooking can cause problems. If food has a crust on it when cooked it can lead to the formation of age spots. In addition, and most importantly, the use of oils in cooking is a mistake. According to lipid expert Udo Erasmus, oils are fragile, and heating them turns them into poisons, or virtual poisons. I know this sounds extreme, but his work is very convincing. It is difficult, however, to imagine a world in which we can't cook in oils. And yet this is exactly what he advocates.


R a n Z said...

i want to learn how to cook! =)

Marilyn Christian said...

Cooking can be fun, but don't cook with oils! I know it sounds crazy and unbelievable, but that's the best advice of the experts. Heating oils up actually harms them and turns them into harmful substances.