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Friday, May 23, 2008

Sunlight Secrets

I don't care if you are taking a multivitamin supplement, unless you live in the South and walk around in t-shirts and shorts, you're probably not getting enough sunlight, and as a result you're probably vitamin D deficient. It's been said that vitamin D is so important it should be classified as a hormone. Ultraviolet light from the sun produces vitamin D in the skin within minutes, so getting enough sun exposure is the key. Researchers believe you need 800 IU of vitamin D to be healthy. Insufficient vitamin D has been linked with colon cancer and other disease conditions. When you get enough sunlight you even boost your immune system and lower blood pressure. This may be why you feel good after an afternoon sunbathing.

1 comment:

What Now? said...

just a few minutes under the sun is enough to produce a week's worth of vitamin d. ;) and you don't even have to expose your whole body. even exposing just a little amount of skin is enough. ;)