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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tropical Paradise

A parrot flew by the man sitting under the palm tree. The man was reading the newspaper in the shade. When the parrot flew by he looked out over the ocean, watching the bird circle a full arc and swoop back into the forest. That forest, known as the Amazon Rainforest, is home to more species and plants and exotic birds than any other place on earth. In the lush foliage, the man knew, because he was a botanist, thrived a myriad of plants and herbs that could provide relief for illnesses and disease. More new discoveries are being made every year from this area of the world. I'll just mention one, called maca, which the ancient Inca used to give them energy. Keep your eye on the Amazon, for in the next few years it will reveal wonderful things to modern science. In the interim, you may want to try maca yourself, and it's readily available all over the world through internet suppliers. If The Beach Boys had this back in the 80s they might never have used heroin and cocaine.


Billy said...

I love the rainforest and the ideas in it.

Jessica Glaring said...

Omigod! The whole idea of maca intrigues me.

Natalie Holler said...

Why don't they bring this stuff to America faster? We need it, too.

Wendy Stroheim said...

I would like to find out more about this subject. Thank you for the post.