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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Who Needs Vitamins?

There's one thing nobody tells you in the health business. And it's simply this: taking vitamins won't make you feel any better. It may improve your health, it may quench free radicals, and it may boost your immune system, but it won't make you feel any better, except maybe psychologically. If you actually want to feel better, improve your memory, and work more energetically you need smart drugs. I'm referring to a class of natural substances that can boost brain function and mood without harmful side effects. Smart drugs, also known as Nootropics, will make you remember better, think faster, and feel better. Yes, unlike simple multivitamins, smart drugs can actually have an effect that you'll notice, often within minutes. Just to give you two examples: vinpocetine is a smart drug, and so is tea. Vinpocetine will speed up your brain by delivering more oxygen to your neurons. A cup of tea will supply Theanine, which can improve your mood. There are many other smart drugs, too many to list here. We'll talk more about this in future posts if people are interested.
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3. Book: Mind Boosters: A Guide to Natural Supplements that Enhance Your Mind, Memory, and Mood (New York: St. Martin's 2000) by Ray Sahelian.


Jessica Holcombe said...

I use pregnenolone to boost memory and it works. The sublingual is the only kind that works because oral preg isn't absorbed well.

Harry Montpelier said...

I love smart drugs. Ray Shahelian has written a lot of good stuff about this topic.

Jill St. Claire said...

Simply the best thing to take to sharpen the mind.

Buy Herbal Supplements said...

For optimal health today and for fighting inflammation, begin eating healthy whole foods and supplementing these with a quality multi-vitamin, fish oil or flaxseed and consider the power of bioflavonoids such as OPC (large molecules found in a variety of foods - grapes, grape seeds, wine and even in certain kinds of pine bark).