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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Be the Next Andy of Mayberry

What good is good health if you don't enjoy life? As Nietzsche said, the secret to really enjoying life is living on the edge of danger. American Bounty Hunter. The name says it all. You will be driving through the rain after escaped convicts. Check this web site out for all the details, and you might find that you're the next Andy of Mayberry, you and your partner, seeking out the bad guys and bringing them in for justice. Yes, you'll learn real bounty hunter techniques and you'll have a thrill a minute. But this Web site will orient you to the real world of bounty hunting. It tells you how you can learn to use handcuffs, weapons, and most of all your mind to track and apprehend a fugitive from justice. If you have what it takes to make the move to a career that has excitement and job satisfaction, as well as financial rewards, check this site out today. Remember that this site will orient you to a new way of thinking, so be prepared for the unexpected. The founder of this site has been on every major TV show you can imagine, and maybe someday you will too, especially if you learn all these insider secrets. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it?


When I was a kid I used to go to a candy store near my grammar school and buy a cinnamon candy that was hot, sweet, and delicious. It was spherical and so dense it took an hour to dissolve. But after you ate it you felt fired up with energy. Now there is evidence that cinnamon does wonders for the glucose metabolism system in the body, helping maintain glucose levels in good ranges. This is why I take cinnamon supplements daily. I have written about this elsewhere in talking about Cinnulin PF. In my opinion this is an excellent supplement, especially for those who are on the borderline and might be getting diabetes or who have diabetes in their family, and who doesn't these days. But the good news, which I'll talk about in a later post, is that disbetes type 2 can be cured in almost every case with exercise, supplements (including chromium) and carbohydrate control.

Delicious Dried Fruit

Ever since I started Atkins I've been cutting carbs like crazy, but I realize more than ever that good nutrition also involves having fruit occasionally, even dried fruit. When having dried fruit you want to go with something good, and something wholesome, which is why I recommend the friendly folks at Bella Viva Orchards and their Organic Dried Fruit. No, you don't have to overeat, but if you try a piece of dried fruit now and then it's so much better than candy because it's organic, it is natural, and it is full of nutrients. This Web site will tempt you with their delicious photos of the fruit and other items they sell, and you can't live like a monk, so once in a while you might as well live it up. The best thing is that you can order with ease and get the shipping options you prefer. And before I forget, let me add that the dried fruit you consume should not be more than the fresh fruit. For example two halves of a dried apricot equal a whole fresh apricot. They are my favorite dried fruit. The pictures on this site are wonderful and can give you a good idea of what you will get if you place an order for their products. Just remember: carbs in moderation.

Warning about Hair Color

Hair color may be implicated in the development of lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes. Researchers conclude: "Data from a population-based case-control study of incident leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma among adult men in Iowa and Minnesota were used to evaluate risk associated with hair dye use. The relative risk for ever using hair dyes was 1.8 (95% confidence interval [CI] = 1.1-2.7) among leukemia patients, and 2.0 (CI = 1.3-3.0) among cases with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. There was a suggestion of increased risk with extent of hair dye use. Given the widespread use of hair coloring products, these observations deserve more detailed evaluation in populations where the exposure is relatively common."1 It may be relevant to point out that Jackie Kennedy, who used black hair dye for many years, died of lymphoma.
  1. K P Cantor, A Blair, G Everett, S VanLier, L Burmeister, F R Dick, R W Gibson and L Schuman. Hair dye use and risk of leukemia and lymphoma. 1988. American Journal of Public Health, Vol. 78, Issue 5, 570-571.

Haiku on Health

A haiku is formed when you write a three-line poem. It has 5, 7, and 5 syllables; and it focuses on nature. The most famous haiku writer of all time was the Japanese poet Bashō. Here, then, in the the style of Bashō is a haiku on health which makes an important health statement that I fully agree with.

Bird flies over sea.
Upon its face is a smile.

The moral of this poem is that a bird who has, through some inadvertence; or luck; or by chance, stumbled upon a capsule of DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) will feel a boost in mood due to the increase in acetylcholine, a brain transmitter.1
  1. Pfeiffer, Carl C., et al. Stimulant Effect of 2-Dimethylaminoethanol—Possible Precursor of Brain Acetylcholine. 1957. Science. September; Vol. 126. no. 3274, pp. 610-611. 10.1126/science.126.3274.610

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ride in Safety with a Professional Driver

You are safer in the air than on the road, did you know that? Yes, statistics show it's true. Which is why when you're in a car you want the best driver possible. Dallas Fort Worth Airport Limo is your source for the smoothest ride into and out of all of the Dallas airports, with liveried drivers who will treat you and your guests like royalty, with a staff of dispatchers unequalled this side of the Mississippi, with a fleet of luxury cars that don't come with a luxury cost. Treat yourself and your loved ones or business partners to the ride of kings and queens, to the royal touch, to the best that car service in Dallas has to offer. Why settle for less when you can go with a winner. LimoRes’ Limo service is the king. Elongated stretch limos as well as town cars and SUVs will make your ride a dream and your trip a success. Don't let anyone tell you they have a fleet of cars as extensive, since this company boasts service through its network to more than 300 airports and 5,000 airports worldwide. Once you get off the plane, stretch out and relax in a car that will let you travel like a jet-setter at a fraction of the cost. There's no substitute for quality. And professionalism and safety is their middle name.

Why I Like Atkins

The approach to diet that is recommended for weight loss by the latest research that I find credible is to cut carbs out of your diet, à la Atkins, and eat as much food as you want, that is, fat, protein, and no carbohydrates, or a limited amount, such as 20 grams a day for induction, and after that increase to the amount that allows you to maintain your weight. This is science-based weight loss. The idea that you can use pills to lose weight is accepted, however, by the mass of dieters, who use things such as ephedra and others. I have friends who used Hoodia. But the science is with the low carb diet. Atkins is my preferred plan, or an approach similar to Atkins, such as the sensible approach advocated by Gary Taubes in Good Calories, Bad Calories. I don't like to rely on anecdotal evidence for the last word on anything, but it's not irrelevant that there are plenty of stories about people who did well on Atkins.

Best Signs of the Times

Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about. I'm referring to the way my friend was looking for a pet store the other day, and he is nearly blind. He wanted to get a seeing eye dog. But although he walked past three pet stores, he did not see them until he came to the store with a beautiful new sign by Metro. He is now the proud owner of a lifelong companion. Yes, Metro Sign Communications (, or Custom Signs New York as many people know it, is a surefire way for you to get your name out on the street and in people's faces, something any business knows is essential in New York City, or anywhere, for that matter. How can anyone buy from you if they don't know you exist? As P.T. Barnum, the great circus promoter, said, without publicity there is no business. So you want to get a sign, but you want a good sign, one that will last, one that will look good, one that will weather the elements, and one that will attract the attention of potential customers from all walks of life, the young, the old, the married, the newlywed, the sick, the poor, the affluent, literally anyone who is a potential customer. This is where Metro comes into the picture. With their signs you'll look good, classy, and established. Why, they're been around for 23 years and are the best in the business.


Here's a secret to greater energy that's based on sound science. It's the secret of fat metabolism. When you eat fats your body uses the fats in a continuous cycle; the fat in your body is recycled and the fat you eat is also used. In other words the body burns the fat you eat simultaneously with the fat it has stored in your abdomen, thighs, or other body parts. Wonderful news! But the best part is that if you consume fat without on a low-carb diet, you will avoid experiencing a slump in energy; you know, the slump that comes from eating a bowl of cereal or a piece of cake. After ingesting high-carb snacks like that, you'll feel an initial burst of energy (from the sugar), but when the body pumps out all that insulin to deal with the sugar, you'll experience low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and a slump in energy.1 This doesn't happen with fat. With fat, you get energy to go! And an added benefit of eating more fat, in addition to the energy you'll get, is that it actually has been shown to reduce heart disease.2
  1. See, e.g. Taubes, Gary. Good Calories, Bad Calories. 2007. New York: Knopf.
  2. Jeppesen J, Schaaf P, Jones C, Zhou MY, Chen YD, Reaven GM. 1997. Effects of low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets on risk factors for ischemic heart disease in postmenopausal women. Am J Clin Nutr. Apr. 65(4):1027-33. Department of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, CA, USA.

Pave Your Own Driveway

When I was a youngster I had to work around the house, doing small repairs and mowing the lawn and working on the cement walkway, which often cracked under the constant strain and inundation of the hot and cold climate variations we experienced in the Northeast. So I grew to loathe working around the house and especially yard work. If I had a home, I would not want to do any of my own work, unless I knew in advance how to do the job and was assured that I would be getting expert advice on it. So I am glad to tell you about a helpful site that, more than other Web sites, goes out of its way to make things easy for you and to explain how to do the job. They have a new video that tells you how to make an asphalt driveway that will amaze your neighbors and friends and impress you family and associates. Literally everyone who walks or drives upon your new driveway will be impressed by the easy feel and the professional look of your work. They'll wonder how you learned it so fast. This video explains all. But don't be fooled! This is not an instruction manual on how to do the entire job yourself. You need a professional contractor, although it tells you how to do the sealing yourself, if you decide to. Let's set the record straight. I myself would never venture to pave my own driveway, and neither should you. Let a professional do the work. This video shows you all you need to know. Visit for more info.

Do Carbohydrates Cause Cancer?

I first heard about the theory that carbohydrates might cause cancer from a book cover flashing the lurid news like headlines about the death of Princess Diana. I brushed it off as absurd. The idea sounded too far-fetched; ridiculous even. Because how could sugar — good old friendly sweet sugar — cause cancer? After all, don't fruits contain sugar and aren't fruits good for you? So saying "sugar causes cancer" is like saying "fruits cause cancer"; it seemed impossible, and not even worth my time to read the argument. But then along comes Gary Taubes' book Good Calories, Bad Calories, with 600-plus pages of impressive research, making the same argument. Now I stop and listen. Could there be something to it? And now I'm beginning to notice that the scientific literature is replete with studies drawing a similar connection between high carb diets and cancer. So, how could sugar cause cancer? One study explains the frightening process: Sugar leads to a rise in insulin, and "insulin . . . can promote tumour development by inhibiting apoptosis, and by stimulating cell proliferation."1 Apoptosis means normal cell death. By inhibiting normal cell death, insulin effectively says to cancer cells, "Go ahead and grow and never die, and get as big and ugly as you wish"; like a monster out of control. I think about that a lot these days. Including every time I want to bite into a candy bar.
  1. R. Kaaksa, A. Lukanovaa1. 2001. Energy balance and cancer: the role of insulin and insulin-like growth factor-I. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society. 60: 91-106. doi:10.1079/PNS200070.

Excellent Internet Services

Everyone reading this blog uses the Internet, so I'm pleased to report a fantastic deal on Internet service, a deal so good you might actually want to check it out today, or next time you need Internet service. It pays to think different, right? Look at Apple. Think outside the box. Try Internet Services from this company come with no commitment, so you can stop any time you wish. And their prices are low and their service is superior. Enough said.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Superlative Ibogaine Web Site

I'm excited to report about an exceptional Web site devoted to Ibogaine news. The site also contains a new and excellent documentary on the subject. Created by Bruce H. Sakow, who worked with Howard Lotsof in the early days of his campaign against addiction, the site is called Ibogaine News and is well worth visiting for all the latest on this tremendous herbal approach.

Coconut Oil Source

Choice Nutritionals Online Health Store has some very interesting and unique health supplements and products, many of which I use myself. Let me tell you about one of my favorites. It's extra virgin coconut oil. Yes, believe it of not, saturated fats can be good, and coconut oil is one of the best. In fact, I take two teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil every day. Not only is it good for you, it also tastes great. Mary Enig, Ph.D., one of the leading authorities on oils in the world, points out that epidemiological studies reveal that indigenous populations consuming coconut oil do not have high cholesterol, and coconut oil is beneficial for those on a low carb diet. (Source: "A New Look at Coconut Oil" by Mary Enig.) The lauric acid in coconuts also has significant antimicrobial properties. Moreover, consuming coconut oil will enable your body to utilize its fish oil more efficiently. And keep in mind that saturated fats have gotten a bad rap by the medical community. That, in and of itself, was enough to make me want to try coconut oil. I'm delighted to offer you a terrific place to obtain it, and at a low price, too. But Choice Nutritionals also has other great nutritional health supplements.

Monday, July 28, 2008

My New Sandwich

So now that I'm hooked on the philosophy of Atkins, which avoids carbs like the plague, do I still eat sandwiches? You bet. But now when I have a sandwich I make it a little differently. This morning I had a nice turkey sandwich. I used sliced turkey on a bed of lettuce and onions. Then I took out a pound of sliced Swiss cheese from the refrigerator and laid down two slices, slathered on lots of mustard, and slapped that turkey right on top of it. Atop of that I slapped down two more slices of Swiss. I had enough energy to last all day, no carb slump — and the taste? Magnifique!

Let Others Handle the Bills

I know doctors read my blog because I've received emails and comments from them. So this is a note from a health professional, a nutritionist, about how you can make your office work easier and more efficiently, especially when it comes to getting those bills paid. Tired of the headaches that arise from all that paperwork? Do you think it's going to get any easier? Do you really think an employee you might hire will be as motivated as Advanced Billing Professionals? These people eat, drink, and sleep insurance and billing claims. They're enthusiastic. They're fired up by bills. They like account numbers! You're going to love having them take over your billing chores because they'll do it right, on time, efficiently, and with respect for your patients. Let them handle all the hurdles and administrative traffic of getting Medicaid paid, insurance reimbursements, and client accounts. You know that electronic medical billing is the future, so try them and see what a difference they can make. You'll save money. Your patients will feel they're being treated properly and efficiently. And you can focus on your higher priorities. You can kick back and read that book by Lester Packer on antioxidants that you've been meaning to read. Catch up on your summer novel reading, too. Meanwhile these pros will be bringing home the bacon. And by the way, fats are good. But you knew that, didn't you?

Lester Packer

I believe Lester Packer is one of the most amazing researchers in the world. His book The Antioxidant Miracle changed my life. Before that I had not been taking any supplements. My physician told me, "You don't need vitamins." Little did I know my own doctor was taking mega doses of vitamin C and vitamin E. Your doctor probably takes multivitamin supplements, too. He knows the real value of fish oil, antioxidants, and vitamins C and E. Anyway, my point is simple. Lester Packer has discovered many of the wonderful advantages of using vitamins, such as reduced heart disease, increased immune system, and better vascular health. Before you write this off as nonsense, listen to Packer himself in this video. The future is here!

Cell phone news

Cell phones can be expensive, so I'm going to help you find a way to save big on your next purchase — and stay healthy. My favorite cell phone is the most basic kind. I have no interest in the latest gadgets or iPhone. For better health, I'm convinced that simpler is better and that exposure to microwave radiation should to be reduced. One method I use is to employ the speaker phone when I make calls and keep the phone at arm's length. That being said, there are people who wish to use cell phones in an emergency, and they can now obtain free cell phones. They may wish to read George Carlo's book on the cellphone industry. They may prefer to use cingular cell phones. Why? They may feel they will save. T-Mobile cell phones are another choice for many. I personally use Verizon Wireless phones. Some people swear by them. But Sprint cell phones are also functional. Highly recommended is Carlo's book, Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age. Then you'll be looking for great cell phone deals like an informed consumer. Buying online and avoiding flashy new cell phones with useless features like video and Internet access, can save you a bundle.

Red Clover Fights Prostate Cancer

A new study indicates that red clover (Trifolium pratense) effectively fights prostate cancer. Apparently it has this ability because it is "one of the richest sources of isoflavones."1 Researchers concluded: "This report suggests that dietary isoflavones may halt the progression of prostate cancer by inducing apoptosis in low to moderate-grade tumors, potentially contributing to the lower incidence of clinically significant disease in Asian men. The assessment of new prostatic therapies aimed at increasing apoptosis should control for intake of dietary isoflavones."2 [Emphasis supplied.] Red clover's isoflavones mimic estrogen, binding to estrogen receptor sites and reducing the potentially carcinogenic effects of excess estrogen,3 which is often encountered in menopause and andropause.
  1. Red Clover(Trifolium pratense) is rich in isoflavones. (Accessed July 24, 2008).
  2. Jarred, Renea A.; Mohammad Keikha; Caroline Dowling; Stephen J. McPherson; Anne M. Clare; Alan J. Husband; John S. Pedersen; Mark Frydenberg and Gail P. Risbridger. 2002. Induction of Apoptosis in Low to Moderate-Grade Human Prostate Carcinoma by Red Clover-derived Dietary Isoflavones. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention Vol. 11, 1689-1696, December.
  3. V. Becka, E. Unterriederb, L. Krennb, W. Kubelkab and A. Jungbauer. 2003. Comparison of hormonal activity (estrogen, androgen and progestin) of standardized plant extracts for large scale use in hormone replacement therapy. Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium of the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Volume 84, Issues 2-3, February. Pgs. 259-268. doi:10.1016/S0960-0760(03)00034-7. (Accessed July 27, 2008).

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Maca Fights Cancer

There is now good evidence that the glucosinolates in maca (Lepidium meyenii) can fight cancer. This news comes from the Department of Biological and Physiological Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Philosophy and Instituto de Investigaciones de la Altura, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru. Their department has done a terrific amount of research into maca. Glucosinolates are substances found in many cruciferous begetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower. These substances are so good, my motto is "A day without broccoli is a wasted day."

  • Gonzales, Gustavo F., and Luis G.Valerio. 2006. Medicinal Plants from Peru: A Review of Plants as Potential Agents Against Cancer. Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry (Formerly Current Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 6, Number 5, September 2006 , pp. 429-444.

Expert Weight Loss Surgery

Sure, you've heard that Atkins can help you drop weight faster than any other diet; in fact, you could loose 50 to 250 pounds in a matter of just a few weeks — but now there's an even faster way to address your weight problems than Atkins, a method so fast you could do it in one day, a procedure that isn't a diet or a new way of eating, and that doesn't require you to make any rational food choices, such as avoiding sugary deserts and candy. It is, instead, a surgical operation in which Hadar Spivak, MD, FACS performs laproscopic surgery on the stomach, a form of surgery that involves operating through a small incision (usually just over an inch in size), allowing the surgeon to, in layman's terms, clamp or tie up part of the stomach so that food is not absorbed as completely as it had been previously, when your stomach was in its natural state. Of course, patients considering such a procedure will thoroughly research all the advantages and disadvantages, including the fact that, as disclosed on the Web site of gastric bypass, there is, as with all major surgery, a risk of complications, and a 0.5% risk of death.

Tooth and Claw

The well-groomed modern contemporary and well-read businessman is no more well-groomed than his hat and boots, says attire expert John T. Molloy, author of Dress for Success. But that goes also for the teeth, and the structures of the teeth that support the body in its campaign to achieve optimal health. No one can achieve this health without having teeth that support the body in its quest, and this is why the practice of dentistry is so important today, in modern times, when carbohydrates are everywhere and people are drinking soda and eating bread, potatoes, and cereal, drinking high fructose corn syrup and jamming themselves full of high carbohydrate substances which can cause not only obesity and diabetes but also heart disease, stroke, and cardiac arrest, as detailed in Gary Taubes' Good Calories, Bad Calories. What can we do to deal with the situation, especially in light of the horrendous harm that sugar and carbohydrates can cause in the structure of enamel? Make sure you avoid fluoride. Research shows that having poor teeth may lead to heart problems,1 although the association may not be causal.2

1. F DeStefano, R F Anda, H S Kahn, D F Williamson, and C M Russell. 1993. Dental disease and risk of coronary heart disease and mortality. BMJ. March 13; 306(6879): 688–691. (Accessed July 27, 2008.)
2. K. J. Joshipura, E. B. Rimm, C. W. Douglass, D. Trichopoulos, A. Ascherio and W. C. Willett. 1996. Poor oral health and coronary heart disease. Journal of Dental Research. Vol 75, 1631-1636.

High Quality Wedding Linens

Wedding are a time when many people overeat, but it doesn't have to be that way. If the tablecloths are nice, people will spend more time admiring the linens and eating less. Half of all the people in America are seeking good health and wish they had a way to cut down on carbohydrates. Believe it or not, nice tablecloths can help. If you're in the business of wedding planning — for example if you're a banquet house, wedding planner, caterer, or restaurant that hosts wedding parties — then you're in a similar position. Half of you care about finding out the best products, and half just go through the motions without sufficient thought to the best linens, napkins, tablecloths, and wedding decorations. Now comes a company that can wake up your approach to wedding planning and individualize your customer satisfaction with superior and cost effective wedding table linens from the Web site Nice wedding linens and tablecloths say so much about you and your function. In fact, some people I know even take photographs not only of the bride and groom, but also of the dishes and silverware and the tablecloths. This also results in them eating less carbohydrates, which is a good thing.

Why I Still Drink Dasani

Just like you, I heard that Dasani is tap water. So do you want to know why I still drink it?
  • First, it's not simply tap water. It has been filtered and purified through reserve osmosis, the same process used to obtain fresh drinkable water from seawater.
  • Second, I grew up in New York City, which has a water supply with lots of minerals that has been rated as comparable or superior in taste to top-priced bottled waters, so my tongue has been rather spoiled. And Dasani tastes good.
  • Third, I like the ingredients in Dasani: water, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, salt. Not only do they contribute to the flavorful taste of the product, but they contribute to human health. For example, magnesium sulfate, which is bioavailable when orally administered, has been found to reduce clogged arteries, quite a surprising benefit! (Ref. 1.) In addition, magnesium, which is woefully deficient in the American diet, is vital for heart health. (Ref. 2.)
1. Hanne B. Ravn, Trine L. Korsholm, Erling Falk. 2001. Oral Magnesium Supplementation Induces Favorable Antiatherogenic Changes in ApoE-Deficient Mice. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. 21:858.
2. William Davis, M.D. 2007. Is Your Bottled Water Killing You? LE Magazine. February. (Accessed July 26, 2008.)

Best Online Marketing

Come on, you're reading my blog, but you know you're thinking about your own blog. And if you don't have a blog you're wishing you did. Well, guess what? There's a terrific new Web site that will help you get your blog up and running, increase traffic, and make you look as good as the big boys over at Google and WordPress. Sound too goof to be true? Well, there's no catch. It's true. All you have to do is visit search marketing to see for yourself what the magic of online assistance can do for you and your blogging dreams.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Ibogaine Documentary

This documentary is only 5 minutes long but like the others on ibogaine it is amazing and inspirational. I just got a book on the subject and am looking forward to reading it. The use of ibogaine is illegal in the United States, which suggests a serious flaw in our medical and pharmaceutical industry. The use of ibogaine could lead to the saving of many tens of thousands of lives each year. The government that ignores this miracle is wasting our time and showing ignorance for a greater good.

I Saw the Light

The phrase "I saw the light" usually refers to a religious experience, but the true unconscious message of such a phrase is a reference to the light first seen at birth. Seeing this light imprints on our unconscious, making phrases such as "I saw the light" resonate with hidden meaning. At any rate, good lighting is crucial to a relaxed home environment and will make you feel and work better. Try lighting fixtures for great ideas and see the light.

Atkins Trumps Pills

Some people sell diet pills, such as Leptovox, but the surest way to lose weight is not to take pills and hope for the best. The best way is to follow Atkins. If you don't know what Atkins is, you must have been living under a rock. The truth is that carbohydrates are addictive and pills will not cure you of insulin problems that arise when carbohydrates are consumed.

Holland Ibogaine Clinic

This short documentary brings a young man to a Holland ibogaine clinic where he experiences the powerful effects of this African hallucinogen and is cured of his drug addiction. Like LSD, ibogaine causes the user to experience visions. But the main difference between ibogains and LSD is that ibogaine resets switches in the brain, shutting off the addiction center so that users are free from heroin, cocaine, or alcohol addictions.

Boating Safe and Sober

Alcohol and boating don't mix. Find out more about the dangers at Boating Education Online. The fastest way to boating safety is sober boating. Boating is like driving, and alcohol impairs ability and can lead to Boating Operating Under the Influence. If you or anyone you know plans to drink and boat, be sure to think twice. The only safe boater is a sober boater.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ibogain | Method of Action

The work of ibogaine is done in the mind and in the body. It operates in ways that are not completely understood, but from what we do know, it turns off the need for addictive substances, resetting a cerebellum brain switch. Amazing! It then gives the user four hours of hallucinations. In one series of visions, Howard Lotsof saw seven images of himself following him as he walked into his psychiatrist's office. It's like looking into a car and seeing into the interior, all the way down into the engine, transmission and power steering rack. These visions are spiritual and part of the cure.

Miracle Cure for Addiction

An excellent documentary on ibogaine — the controversial African hallucinogen that can cure addiction to heroin, cocaine and alcohol in one dose — is now available for viewing online for free: IBOGAINE - Rite of Passage. The story of those who come through this experience is a cross between Philip K. Dick, Through the Looking-Glass, Timothy Leary, Carlos Castaneda, and Herman Hesse — all with a positive outcome. It's a truly amazing tale of deceit, miraculous science, and rebirth. If you have any interest in health and how the American war on drugs is a failed policy, or if you'd like to see how big pharmaceutical companies stifle research, you owe it to yourself to see this documentary. It's visually beautiful too.

Politics as Entertainment

For those who read this blog to find the latest health tips, here's one that may please you in this election year when you're going to be bombarded by political pundits on the right and left. The idea is to treat politics as entertainment. For example the key Obama campaign theme is hope. Mort Zuckerman, owner of the New York Daily News and Editor-in-Chief of U.S. News & World Report, recently stated that "Hope is good for breakfast, but not necessarily for supper." Clearly a zing at Obama and entertainment at its best. If you'd like more entertainment like this, you might visit Big Apple Awards.

Sponsored by DS Simon

Howard Lotsof Talks about Ibogaine

Here is Howard Lotsof talking about his first time using ibogaine and how it cured him of heroin addiction in one dose. The amazing story of this man and the African drug ibogaine is an eye-opening tale of American drug mismanagement and a cautionary tale about how the war on drugs is a sham and a joke. Big pharmaceutical companies don't exist to produce drugs to help sick people. They exist to maximize investor profits. They are afraid of a drug that works, like ibogaine, in one dose to cure addiction because they can't make money from it. The addict only needs to take it once, not every day or weekly.

The Best Rodeo & Livestock Show

Why do you think the Romans had the Coliseum? They used it for entertainment the way we use television or concerts. The Coliseum was the site for gladiatorial contests, circuses, and even public executions. My taste doesn't run to things so grizzly, but, like the Romans I also want my spectacles big and brassy, which is why I enjoy live rodeo shows, especially the part where the cowboys get on ferocious bulls and must stay seated while the bull bucks and snorts for eight seconds, at which point a buzzer sounds and the contestant is free to jump off and run away. Riders are often thrown from the animals and risk being stomped by the thousand-pound brutes, while clowns run around distracting the animal and trying to make sure riders have a chance to escape. I'm like Ernest Hemingway, who was fascinated with bullfights. I would welcome the opportunity to see the Houston Rodeo Events. Since this is a health blog, I'm glad to tell you that research exists indicating that those who participate in social activities, such as attending a rodeo or concert, enjoy greater longevity. Houston Rodeo concert tickets can get you a seat at the largest rodeo in the world, with over one million attendees per year.
Reference: Verena H. Menec. 2003. The Relation Between Everyday Activities and Successful Aging: A 6-Year Longitudinal Study. The Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences. 58:S74-S82.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Miracle of Ibogaine | Cures Addiction

Amazing story about an African hallucinogen, ibogaine, which cures addiction to heroin, cocaine, and other drugs. A must-see video. According to the New York Times, "Ibogaine advocates claim that a single dose of ibogaine taps into . . . critical brain circuit[s] and banishes withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings, sometimes for extensive periods."
Reference: A Bizarre Drug Tested in the Hope of Helping Drug Addicts. New York Times. By Sandra Blakeslee. October 27, 1993.

Monday, July 21, 2008


One of my most astonishing discoveries in the field of health happened a few years ago when I came across a book on fluoride which suggested that the substance dentists have told us to use to prevent cavities actually doesn't work, causes dental fluorosis (discoloring of the teeth), and acts as a poison when ingested. Good grief! Can the American Dental Association have been so wrong for so many years? The answer is yes. Highly recommended is The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson. And some parents are buying water for their kids with fluoride! Even giving it to infants. There's enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a two-year-old child. Much better by far to use fluoride-free toothpaste.

New Pain Relief Cream

I personally prefer to avoid certain untested substances and even some highly touted ones, which the public generally considers innocuous, such as ibuprofen, especially because the combination with aspirin can be deleterious. If you find that hard to believe just Google ibuprofen on and you'll see what I mean. I don't mind doing a little research before I try something. I consider it good to have information. I take natural supplements for pain, when it occurs, such as glucosamine and MSM. But some people, on the advice of a physician, or on their own, decide to opt for the easy solution. now has a product with some good ingredients and some I'd not put in that classification. In fact the number one ingredient in it is ibuprofen. This is a product which, if taken, should not be taken in conjunction with aspirin. At the same time, some of its ingredients are good, such as glucosamine. But this is a lesson for us all. It's not enough to look at one ingredient in a product, or even at the major active ingredient. It is necessary to look at all the ingredients before deciding to use a substance. For more on this one Emuprofen topical ibuprofen cream.

Fat Can Save Your Life

Fat has gotten a lot of bad press over the years, and as Gary Taubes points out so incisively in his new book Good Calories, Bad Calories, much of that bad press is so wrongheaded that it's well-nigh criminal. The monumental incompetence of the science behind fat bashers boggles the imagination. They ridiculed Atkins. The tarnished the image of fat. And they had us believing that cholesterol was something to avoided at all costs. Turns out that fat is not bad, fat will not cause clogged arteries, and fat will not increase your risk of heart attack. What will do all those bad things, however, is carbohydrates, which, when consumed, boost insulin levels, which leads to the shunting of fat into your poor adipose tissue (leading to obesity) and into the harried interior of your artery walls (leading to clogged arteries, stroke, and heart attacks). It's not how much fat we eat that causes these problems, it's how much carbohydrate we eat. In the absence of high levels of carbohydrates, fat is good. A must read is Taubes' controversial New York Times article "What If It's All Been a Big Fat Lie?" You'll never look at carbohydrates the same way again, and you just might start loving cheese, eggs, steak, and all the high-fat foods that can save your life.

Exciting New Genetic Breakthrough

It is now clear that the future of medicine is genetics. Through manipulating the DNA and messenger RNA in cells, it will be possible to identify and treat almost every known disease. Today a new technology in this fight against disease presents itself to the world in the form of stem cell research, specifically the use of Cord blood to generate the kinds of stem cells that can revolutionize the way we treat patients. As Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, M.D., point out in their groundbreaking bestseller, Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever, nanotechnology and genetics are the way we will bridge from the 21st to the 22nd centuries and achieve immortality, or, at the very least, a greatly enhanced quality of life. Part of this great adventure will be, as it is today, the use of Cryo-Cell technology and understanding The Value of Cord Blood so that we can continue successfully Treating Diseases with Stem Cells. This is not science-fiction but the most serious science fact. Since July is Cord Blood Awareness Month this is a good time to find out more about how diseases such as leukemia, anemia, lymphoma, and others can be treated with this innovative technology.

Huperzine Dosage

Hupezine has been shown in clinical trials to improve working memory in rats (ref. 1). The method of action involves huperzine working as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Acetylcholinesterase destroys Acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter. Thus huperzine increases acetylcholine. When more acetylcholine is present, memory improves. Following upon this study scientists decided to see how huperzine worked in higher primates. They gave monkeys a powerful toxin that induces dizziness and memory loss (scopolamine). The monkeys were helpless. Then the scientists injected them with huperzine. The apes came back to life, perked up, and they remembered who they were. All kidding aside, their memory improved significantly (ref. 2). It is clear that huperzine works to restore and improve memory, which is why it is recommended for Alzheimers patients and why it is used by normal healthy individuals to boost their brain power. One world class chess player reportedly uses it to improve his play (ref 3). The substance also promotes "nerve cell growth" (ref 4). One study concluded: "Our results strongly suggest that huperzine A has therapeutic potential for the treatment of dementia caused by cholinergic dysfunction and/or decrease of cerebral blood flow." (Ref 5). Dosage is from 50 to 400 mcg per day (ref 6). This author recommends 200 mcg per day.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Maca Fights Prostate Cancer

Promising new research indicates maca (Lepidium meyenii, a Peruvian cruciferous vegetable) may fight prostate cancer. Researchers concluded: "This study used aqueous extract of dried hypocotyls of Lepidium meyenii. In the aqueous extract is possible to find glucosinolates and anthocyanines. Both compounds have antiproliferative and proapoptotic properties in prostate cancer cells." [citations omitted.]
Reference: Red maca (Lepidium meyenii) reduced prostate size in rats. Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2005, 3:5 Gustavo F Gonzales, Sara Miranda, Jessica Nieto, Gilma Fernández, Sandra Yucra, Julio Rubio, Pedro Yi, and Manuel Gasco.

Tweety's RV Truck and SUV Accessories

Ever since I read Dharma Bums and On the Road by Jack Kerouac I have been a big fan of traveling by car cross-country in an RV, and when traveling I like to get into the frame of mind of good old Jack, into the kind of off-road adventure mode that can take you for miles and make you appreciate things like a good carburetor, a working stick shift, or a 5th wheel gooseneck adapter, so that a pit stop becomes not a drudgery but an ascent into car nirvana, and a company like Tweety's RV, Truck and SUV Accessories seems like the end of the road, the place to stock up on parts and things for your vehicle that will make your trip that much better.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


The way Arnold Schwarzenegger does biceps curls is amazing. The technique is easy to see here in this video. He keeps one hand on the knee while the other does the curl. These aren't the only arm or biceps exercises he does, of course, but they are ones that can be done by anyone in the gym. The way he does them is inspirational. His entire approach to weightlifting has inspired many to take up the sport, like Charles Atlas before him.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mishima's Sense of Humor

Yukio Mishima, the Japanese novelist who was considered for the Nobel Prize, had a great sense of humor. He commissioned a professional photographer to make some racy photographs of himself in outfits that resemble adult diapers. In one photo he is shot with arrows. In others he holds a samurai sword in the snow. The photographs have a decidedly erotic and homosexual overtone, and yet they also have a sense of the absurd about them that is rarely addressed. To see them simply Google Mishima in image search mode. (Photo: Mishima posing as Saint Sebastien.)

Do Your Research

Before you take substances touted as legal steroids be sure to do your homework and understand what you're getting into. Just because something is legal doesn't mean it's safe, especially when used without a thorough understanding of the risks to the liver that could be involved. Read advertising copy critically and visit bodybuilding forums, where you can often get good, unbiased facts.

Buy Lunar Property Today

I really love this one! First, Robert Heinlein writes The Man Who Sold the Moon. Then comes along and starts actually selling parcels of lunar real estate. You can get your own piece of the moon for as little as $34.95 per acre. Yes, now you can actually buy the moon and then develop your lunar property. You get a satellite photo of your property and coordinates enabling you to view it through a telescope. Before long we'll have lunar shuttles and then you can begin to build on your land! If you thought improved blood, genetic cures, and artificial life was a thing of the future, think again. All those wonderful promises are just around the corner, and this lunar real estate site is evidence of that.

Yukio Mishima

One of the writers I became interested in when I was in my twenties was Yukio Mishima. His work filled me with fascination, but even more fascinating was his life and the various biographies that I read about him. For a while I was obsessed with Mishima. When he was a young man he began bodybuilding, and he developed his strength with intensive gym workouts. He wrote about the world of the samurai, a warrior class that lives by a code that focuses on honor, patriotism, and swords. In fact, the study of swords is a time-honored Asian practice, leading to enlightenment. Moderns interested in this art may wish to visit Rubis. I will have more to say about Mishima in future posts and on my blog Ars Artiste.


I live in an area where a lot of people from India have settled, and many of them are my friends. I think they know something I don't. Although a good number of the residents here appear somnolent, maybe this is just my distorted vision and really perhaps they have the secret. One of my Indian friends shared it with me last year, telling me to breathe in and out and focus on my breath. I believe that is a particular form of meditation called Pranayama, concentrating on the breath. It's even more relaxing than golf, which I always talk about, half jokingly, as the most relaxing sport. Anyway, golfers might enjoy Cobra golf, with or without meditating.


I tried Huperzine today and I did not feel any different for the first thirty minutes. But then my mood improved, my memory got sharper, and my brain power seemed to expand. I started feeling like Superman. I will report more later.

A Good Supplier of Steel Products

Since I write about health and nutrition I am well aware of the need for a good stainless steel supplier, which can custom make any kind of perforated metal a manufacturer or business might need. Petro Wire and Steel can supply these products to the health care industry or any industry that needs commercial steel, custom made to the specifications of the buyer. For instance, they can produce a fence, a wire grid, a mesh, a wire cloth, and thousands of other designs, all made to your exact requirements. No job is too complex or too simple. They work fast and they work to your total satisfaction. When you require steel, mesh, wire cloth, or any other permutation on this theme, turn to Petro Wire and Steel. Not only do they specialize in customer satisfaction, but they will complete your job on time and beyond your expectations. Use their steel and build your way to a brighter, stronger, healthier future.

Supplements Received Today

Just to give you an idea of what I take, I received the following supplements today from Swanson's Vitamins. This is about one third of my list of supplements because I do not have time to list them all here. More on that later.

Saw Palmetto Combo
Ubiquinol (for the heart)
Rhodiola (for mitochondria and neurotransmitter profile)
L-Theanine (increases brain alpha waves)
DMAE (smart drug for brain function)
Vinpocetine (smart drug for brain function)
Full Spectrum E (includes the amazing tocotrienols)
Glucosamine, MSM
Vitamin D-3
Cinnulin Pf (glucose support)
Huperzine A (smart drug for brain function)
Lecithin (brain nutrient)

I also received from Vitacost their NSI Super ORAC Antioxidant Complex, which (in each 2-capsule serving) contains:
  • 100 mg pycnogenol
  • Grape Skin Extract (standardized to 30% polyphenols) 500 mg
  • Green Tea Extract (standardized to 98% polyphenols, 80% catechins and 45% EGCG)(leaf) 500 mg
  • Grape Seed Extract (ActiVin®)(standardized to 85% phenolic and 75% oligomer polyphenol)(seed)
This is a superior value pricewise because it contains the amazing pycnogenol in the same amount as Swanson plus these other antioxidants. Wow, what a find! Plus you can get four antioxidants in one serving, saving you the hassle of having to open four bottles. Just looking at all these vitamins I feel healthier.

Do You Want To Meet Other Couples?

It's about time there was a Web site like this! Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir would have love it. Did you know that she started dating Nelson Algren in order to spite Sartre for his flirting with another woman. will help you learn how to meet other couples in your neighborhood. Not necessarily exactly for the reasons that Sartre and de Beauvoir met Algren and other women, but for the purpose of playing cards, going bowling, sharing the Tarot or any other hobby or pastime you'd like. It's about time there was a site like this! Try it and perhaps you'll meet some nice new people in your area for fun and games. Edward Albee would have loved it too.

Interval Training

Don't you hate monotonous workouts that go nowhere and do nothing except bore you with the same running track every day or the same treadmill workout routine? The body hates them too and it doesn't benefit as much from repetitious routines as from a varied routine and a varied course. Which is where interval training comes in. Interval training allows you to run fast for four minutes then slow for two minutes, then fast for three minutes and slow for two minutes, and fast for one minute and slow for one. This kind of interplay and variety will boost your workout results.
Two weeks of high-intensity aerobic interval training increases the capacity for fat oxidation during exercise in women. J Appl Physiol 102: 1439-1447, 2007. First published December 14, 2006. Jason L. Talanian,1 Stuart D. R. Galloway,2 George J. F. Heigenhauser,3 Arend Bonen,1 and Lawrence L. Spriet1
1Department of Human Health and Nutritional Sciences, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, 2Department of Sport Studies, University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland; and 3Department of Medicine, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Engineering Tools

Many of my readers are professionals in the health services field, running a high volume vitamin and supplement business, and often needing to unload huge tractor trailers of vitamins using cranes and shuttle conveyors. If you are looking for quality engineering tools, Shuttlelift is here for you. In fact, they have Solidworks, CAD Software, Stress Testing Software and much more. Check out Hoist Manufacturer today. They will have you running in high gear tomorrow, and all your customers down the line will thank you for it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lipoic Acid

There's been a change in lipoic acid recently, a change toward more sites offering the R-fraction, known as R-lipoic acid. This is supposed to be better because it is used more efficaciously by the body than regular lipoic acid. Life Extension Foundation is adding the R-fraction of lipoic acid to many of their products, which is a sign that it's a good thing to switch to this more advanced form of lipoic acid. Is the old lipoic acid no good? No, certainly it's good. It's just that the new form is more easily used by cells and is therefore more effective.

Chess Openings

Chess is one of my favorite hobbies or pastimes. I enjoy playing against Fritz 8, my computer program, but the software is so strong it can beat most grandmasters, so I have to reduce the playing strength. I can win if I set it at the level of a moron or a drunk. Here's one of my favorite opening moves when playing black. I always move my queen pawn two spaces forward on the first move. This gives me control of the center and opens a diagonal for my white bishop. This opening is called the Queen's Pawn Game. It is my distinct pleasure to recommend Fritz to any chess player. (Looks like the latest version is Fritz 11.)

Las Vegas Golf Vacation Package

I have always been a golf fan. I especially like Bob Hope and his golfing style. Shows you how up-to-date I am, right? But seriously, golf is my sport, and when I want to get away I just sometimes dream of beautiful golf courses. Recently I discovered the site of my dreams, called, appropriately enough, Las Vegas discount golf because it helps you get the best golf deals in town and out. I mean they have courses in Las Vegas and elsewhere. Listen, as James Bond said in his heart of hearts, life's a game, and you should enjoy the best. I could see 007 on one of these dream vacations. Yes, even James Bond took vacations! But always the classiest. And now you can too, with this golf vacation package site and The Las Vegas Golf Group. Fore! They say golf is one of the most relaxing sports, and that's good for your health.

Men and Women Laser Hair Therapy

The Bionic Man and Bionic Woman used to be purely science fiction, but not anymore. Now, you can obtain replacement limbs, improved blood, and even new hair to make you stronger, better, faster. If all this sounds too futuristic to be true, consider Aventi Laser Hair Therapy which offers hair replacement Los Angeles. Before you know it you will be jumping into the 21st century like the best of the future generation, smart, efficient, and beautiful. I can't wait to see the way you look with your improved performance and look. Philip K. Dick would be proud of you, I'm sure.

Why Supplemtation is Essential

You know you should take vitamin and mineral supplements. But did you know that the Journal of the American Medical Association now agrees. After years of stalling and fighting the idea, they finally admitted supplements are needed for good health. "Suboptimal folic acid levels, along with suboptimal levels of vitamins B6 and B12, are a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, neural tube defects, and colon and breast cancer; low levels of vitamin D contribute to osteopenia and fractures; and low levels of the antioxidant vitamins (vitamins A,E, and C) may increase risk for several chronic diseases. Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone ... it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements,"1 said the study [emphasis supplied]. This study was authored by Robert H. Fletcher, MD, MSc and Kathleen M. Fairfield, MD, DrPH, both of Harvard Medical School. The reason why supplements are necessary is that food cannot supply sufficient quantities of key nutrients. For instance, you would need to eat seven pounds of spinach to get enough CoQ10 to increase your health.
  1. Robert H. Fletcher, MD,MSc; Kathleen M. Fairfield, MD,DrPH. 2002. Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults. JAMA. 287:3127-3129.

Drs. Miklos & Moore – World Renowned Surgeons

Gals, you've got to face the fact that there are certain areas of vulnerability, and one of them is the body. Your best bet is to protect yourself from insult and injury by eating right, taking supplements, exercising, and making sure you understand how to tone up your hormones. But if the time comes when you need surgery, you certainly want the best. Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore are world class surgeons specializing in painless, minimally invasive procedures. They have even developed procedures that are now used worldwide. They can do an operation in no time flat and you won't even notice anything more than a tiny little scar that you could cover with a small band-aid. They specialize in urogynecology, and their work is so well known they are frequently invited to lecture and perform live surgical demonstrations from Africa to Europe to Asia and across the United States.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Are There So Many Supplements?

Why indeed, you may wonder, are there so very many health supplements? In addition to vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, protein powders, and herbal extracts, every day it seems there's a new supplement being discovered and a new product being heavily advertised. Health supplement magazines are now as large as the Sears catalog! How and why is this possible? As a nutritionist I have given much thought to this question over the past decade. Here's my answer, arrived at after considerable thought.

The food we eat is composed of micronutrients: vitamins and minerals. In addition, food contains other substances, including enzymes, phytonutrients, and co-factors. On top of this there are various herbs that are not genereally used as foods per se, but which can provide health benefits. The reason there are so many supplements is that as scientists delve into the foods we eat, looking carefully with microscopes, electron microscopes, spectrometers, and chemical assays, they discover what those foods are composed of, and as we get closer to the atomic scale, the number of ingredients that they discover increases.

Will it ever end? Will we ever find a list of all the nutrients that exist? My answer — my best guess — is no. Because as we get below the atomic scale, the division down into the smaller particles of matter is not going to stop. It will be endless in scale, just as the large structure of the universe is endless in scale. (For more on this see the work of astronomer Tom Van Flandern, especially his book Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets -- 2nd Edition (1999) .) And we'll continue to discover substances inside substances forever. Sounds like a fun adventure doesn't it? Sure, but it certainly does make vitamin shopping time consuming. I'm the first to admit that. Nevertheless, dear Reader, it is worth the time and effort because studies indicate that those who take supplements live longer and healthier lives than those who don't.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


There's a wonderfully beneficial substance in turmeric called curcumin. Turmeric is a spice popular in India and now used worldwide. Exciting research is discovering all kinds of good things that happen when you consume curcumin! It's a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation is something that happens when your skin is injured and it turns red. Inflammation is also involved in heart disease and joint deterioration. Curcumin fights inflammation but it does a whole lot more. One of the other advantages of this supplement is that it regulates NF-kappa B. And NF-kappa B is a very important transcription factor. A transcription factor is something that helps transmit information and instructions from outside a cell's nucleus to inside the cell's nucleus! In other words, curcumin can affect the way your genes (which reside inside the nucleus of all your cells) are expressed! Amazing! Curcumin can down-regulate the potential for heart disease, joint problems, and cancer. If people are interested I'll discuss how much turmeric and curcumin you should consume daily.
Reference: "Curcumin blocks cytokine-mediated NF-kappa B activation and proinflammatory gene expression by inhibiting inhibitory factor I-kappa B kinase activity." Jobin C, Bradham CA, Russo MP, Juma B, Narula AS, Brenner DA, Sartor RB. J Immunol. 1999 Sep 15;163(6):3474-83.

Plan Your Vacation Today

All over the world people are taking vacations for one reason: to relax and rest and explore the world. Well, that's actually three reasons, but when you get right down to it they all spell one thing: leisure. The fact is that vacations can help health just as surely as the proper supplements, maybe more. It all depends on whether you have a good vacation experience, such as one at, let's say, the Puerto Penasco Mexico resorts or You must realize by now, if you've visited their site, that Sea Side Reservations are a superior vacation source for planning your next Mexico beach vacations, including Spring Break, or simply millionaires weekend.

Pycnogenol Lowers Blood pressure

Another way to lower blood pressure is to take pycnogenol. I have written extensively about this wonder herb on this blog but here I'd just like to tell you how it lowers blood pressure. What it does is amazing. As one study said, "Supplementation of Pycnogenol is effective in decreasing systolic blood pressure in mildly hypertensive patients." (See note 1.) It works by increasing nitrous oxide. (See note 2.)
References: 1. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, prospective, 16 week crossover study to determine the role of Pycnogenol in modifying blood pressure in mildly hypertensive patients. 2001. S . Hosseini. Nutrition Research, Volume 21 , Issue 9 , Pages 1251 - 1260.
2. Endothelium-Dependent Vascular Effects of Pycnogenol. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology. 32(4):509-515, October 1998. Fitzpatrick, David F.; Bing, Bettye; Rohdewald, Peter

How to Save on Health Supplements

I just saved over $4o on supplements. How? When I was checking out I noticed that many companies ask you if you have a discount coupon or coupon code. I usually never have these codes. So I just Googled the name of the company I was buying from and the words "coupon code." I arrived at a great new site called which gave me codes for Swanson Vitamins and also for Vitacost. On both purchases I saved a substantial amount: 10 percent and 8 percent respectively, for a total saving of over $40. Supplements can be expensive, especially when you take 65 a day, as I do. So it's terrific to learn about this site that helps save with coupon codes. Give it a whirl next time you buy online.

Art for the Artiste

There is no better way to relax and reduce your blood pressure, in my opinion, than meditation. But the second best method is to view beautiful works of art. Which is one of the reasons I'd like to recommend the Park West Art Gallery. Not only will you be able to view beautiful art works from around the world, but you can also hobnob with the rich and famous while you're there. Yes, this is the place to meet and greet millionaires and billionaires who are out to bid at the fine art auctions. You can visit this gallery through Citysearch, which is like a mall online! They even have an affiliation with to bring you online reviews of all your favorite haunts.

Monday, July 14, 2008


You've perhaps seen or heard of the antioxidant pycnogenol, but maybe you never tried it. The substance is derived from the bark of French pine trees. Ir was discovered in the 1800s when explorers were on the verge of death in North America and were given some pine bark by the Indians. Miraculously they all survived. Later it was found that the pine bark has a phytonutrient substance that amazingly makes vitamin C about a thousand times more long-lasting. In other words pycnogenol boosts the power of vitamin C. Another neat thing about pycnogenol is that it tastes minty and tangy and a bit like a pine forest. The antioxidant pycnogenol is highly recommended by most health care savvy practitioners, and also by none other than Lester Packer, the head of the Packer Lab at U Berkeley, and author of The Antioxidant Miracle. I put a lot of faith in what Packer says.

Entertainment to Help You Relax | Leviathan Chronicles

Good entertainment is a sine qua non for good health, unless you're a Platonist and believe, as Plato did (surely incorrectly), that art usually perverts and harms the pristine mind. Plato had a lot of wrongheaded ideas. But he was also a creative guy, and I bet he would have loved the audio show called the Leviathan Chronicles. Having heard the first episode I can say that the story moves along at a good clip, the characters are well drawn and realistic, and the plot is full of twists and turns that anyone would enjoy. I encourage people to check this out and put on the headphones and enjoy this unique aural experience. The Leviathan Chronicles is a new type of entertainment, a science-fiction podcast. Almost sure to make you relax and bring back some of the good feelings you get from any favorite story. More than that, because this story features science-fiction type characters, it’s sure to fire your imagination the way a romantic comedy never could. In the grand old tradition of Ray Bradbury and E. E. “Doc” Smith, this one’s a winner. In fact, Roger Zelazny and Philip K. Dick both would have loved this story since it incorporates elements of sci-fi that they themselves relished.
Sponsored by Leviathan Chronicles

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pregnenolone and Equilibrium

Pregnenolone contributes to mental well-being in a number of ways, including boosting mood and enhancing memory. According to Ray Sahelian, M.D., "Some people find pregnenolone improves energy, vision, memory, clarity of thinking, wellbeing, and often sexual enjoyment or libido." But to date no published research has discussed, to our knowledge, another intriguing aspect of this hormone. When administered sublingually, pregnenolone also improves equilibrium. A small unpublished study found that subway riders who normally needed to hold handrails and straps 90 percent of the time while riding home only needed to hold on 3 percent of the time after ingesting 10 to 20 mg. of pregnenolone within the thirty minutes of their ride. The cause of this increased sense of balance is not known. Researchers speculate that pregnenolone, which is known to "enhance . . . NMDA receptor function" and "lower . . . excessive GABA activity," (Pregnenolone and Mental Function, accessed July 13, 2008) might somehow operate on the inner ear mechanism that is involved in equilibrium. Another possibility is that pregnenolone may enhance the functioning of the cerebellum, an area of the brain that processes information used for balance and which is one of the first areas impaired by alcohol consumption. A combination of these reasons might explain how pregnenolone improves equilibrium.

Vista and Health Blogging

Since pencils have been in use points have been breaking and since typewriters have been in use ribbons have snagged and since computers have been in use screens go blank, hard drives fail, and software has bugs. Since we all live in a world of time and deadlines it seems these problems happen at the worst of times. Since the customer service offered by the Windows Vista Small Business Assurance customer service team is available round the clock it might be worthwhile to look into signing up with them. Since they are the gold standard when it comes to computers. Windows Vista is not only a new operating system but a proven one as well. This author has used it for about a year now and can vouch for the fact that it allows him to post numerous blog entries quickly and flawlessly. In that it is not much different from previous operating systems. One little story will illustrate how vital posting health information can be. Reader, I discovered last week that a certain combination of supplements is essential for mitochondria health. The combination includes acetyl-L-carnitine arginate, acetyl-L-carnitine, carnosine, R-lipoic acid, and a few other good things that work synergistically (the full ingredient list will be posted later). They are available in Life Extension Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer With SODzyme. I then went online to buy the product and found it cost $82. But someone had posted recently about a sale they were having, and I was able to purchase it for $61.50, a considerable savings.
Sponsored by Windows Vista

Saturday, July 12, 2008

How Rats Help Mankind

Why do scientists use rats in so many biological experiments? The answer is that genetically the rat genome is quite similar to the human genome. For this reason, a diet that will cure a rat of diabetes is likely to also cure a human. And a drug or herbal supplement that is helpful to the rat is also likely to help humans. We can thank rats and mice for many of the breakthroughs in modern medicine. For this reason, when reading scientific reports that talk about experiments on mice, keep in mind that these experiments aren't merely theoretical; instead, they have profound implications for human health.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Remembering Birth Experiences

Otto Rank, a German psychiatrist and a follower of Freud, believed that the trauma of birth impacts our personalities for life in profound ways, which he described in his book The Trauma of Birth. Arthur Janov, a California psychologist and author of The Primal Scream, took Rank one step further, contending that his patients could regress back to birth and remember their birth experience, in the process relieving many of their neurotic symptoms. But Janov isn't the first to talk about remembering birth. About 0.5 percent of the population claim they have some memory of birth. For these individuals, every day is a birthday (because they can remember), and so they consider birthday invitations and parties rather superfluous. I myself can remember the experience of birth. Please comment and tell me whether you can remember any of your own birth experiences or whether you find this idea believable or unbelievable. (I realize that many people find it hard to believe that anyone could remember so far back.)

Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate

There are all sorts of new supplements being discovered. Researchers around the world, in Italy, Malaysia (where vitamin E research is big because of their palm oil harvests), Japan, China, and elsewhere are all contributing research to bring to market the very best new herbal and dietary supplements. One of the most exciting new ones is Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate. This is so new there are few people who know about it outside the nutritional world. I found out about it just last week. This new molecule helps brain neurons develop and grow (something that was thought impossible just ten years ago), potentially preventing age-related mental decline and boosting mental calculating power. I will soon also report on an exciting new Alzheimer's treatment discussed in the current issue of Life Extension magazine. The future is here and supplements, as well as computers (and parts such as the Cat5e Keystone jack), will be making our lives that much more enjoyable.

Kurzweil's Health Predictions

Ray Kurzweil predicts that within the next few years we'll see an exponential increase in medical developments, with new nanotechnology and genetic advances paving the way for wildly improved health breakthroughs. His exciting predictions, contained in Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever, co-authored with Terry Grossman, M.D., encompass the full gamut of health concerns, from supplements to anti-aging to anti-heart disease to anti-cancer protocols for prevention. Part of his forecast is based on the belief that computer memory will increase exponentially.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Maca Fights BPH

A recent study found that maca, an herb from South America used traditionally by the Inca for thousands of years, may have use in treating BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). The study indicates that maca was more effective than Finasteride, a pharmeceutical commonly prescribed to treat symptoms of enlarged prostate. This finding is one more suggestion of the naturopathic advantages of treating human medical conditions with natural herbs rather than synthetic drugs. Reference: Dose-response effect of Red Maca (Lepidium meyenii) on benign prostatic hyperplasia induced by testosterone enanthate. Phytomedicine. 2007 Aug;14(7-8):460-4. Epub 2007 Feb 7.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cortisol Reduced Through Meditation

One thing you want to do is watch your cortisol levels and prevent them from getting too high. You can do this with various supplements. But probably one of the best ways to reduce cortisol, which is triggered by stress and is part of the response to stress, is to relax. Meditation is a form of relaxation that has been shown to reduce cortisol. An interesting article, Effect of Buddhist meditation on serum cortisol and total protein levels, blood pressure, pulse rate, lung volume and reaction time (Physiol Behav. 1991 Sep;50(3):543-8), concludes that "meditation produces biochemical and physiological changes" and significantly reduces serum (blood) cortisol.

Vista versus XP

I have been using a computer since early 1998 and I believe that every day I learn something new. Over the course of the years I have seen numerous Windows operating systems come and go, and there is one new one every few years. The usability and look and feel of Vista is fine. The fact that you can see through the little menu windows is a nice feature. In many cases, however, you won't find a big difference between Vista and previous operating systems, which makes the transition easy for you, especially if you've gotten used to certain features and they've become second nature to you. You can always use Windows Vista Small Business Assurance and their customer service team. For more info, visit Windows Vista today. When you do, be sure to ask about the new features of Vista. One of the features that is particularly helpful is that when we start WordPerfect, each time the program starts we have to tell the operating system that we recognize the program. How's that's for convenience! That's really helpful. Little improvements like that are what the developers can congratulate themselves for as they work on the next iteration. Other than those wonderful features, one of the nicest new features of Vista is that it lets you burn from the Windows Explorer tool bar. That, and the fact that integration with software and hardware is often seamless, makes Vista worth a try. Hopefully they'll add back the cut, copy, and paste buttons, which were available in XP's Windows Explorer but are mysteriously gone from Vista. But, hey, the fact that they're gone may actually be a good thing. It prevents me from accidentally cutting, copying, or pasting any of my files. So, thank you, Vista, for these improvements.
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Many people avoid butter. I know I did for many years. Yet butter has less problems than sugar, which is a super poison. Butter contains selenium, which has been shown to fight cancer. Butter also spoils less easily than most other fats. For example, although Udo Erasmus argues against cooking in oils, he says if you have to that butter is less likely to become ruined by cooking than many other oils. Plus butter contains fats that contribute to health in other ways. So use butter now and then, but preferably not on white bread, which will increase insulin levels.

The Signs of Success Can Lead to Health

As John T. Molloy (author of Dress for Success) has pointed out, there's no better mark of a well-dressed gentleman than the use of a classy item like cuff links. And the best place to find cuff links online is at cufflinks. Molloy also suggests that the two signs of a successful businessman are that his hair is always combed and his shoes are always shined. So be a success and look like one. Take Molloy's advice and when success comes your way you'll actually be healthier. I'll explain why in a future post.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


There's nothing like good harmony. In my opinion listening to good harmony can have a soothing effect on the nerves. This is one of the reasons the Beach Boys were so popular. They sang in perfect harmony. But that perfection didn't come easily. First of all, their father, Murray Wilson, was a slavedriver and a taskmaster. He would yell at the boys, punish them, and belittle them for making the smallest mistake. Then the eldest brother, the immortal Brian Wilson, was also a taskmaster, although not as harsh as Murray. Altogether Brian, Dennis, and Carl worked so well together because, with their cousin Mike Love, their voices made harmony seem natural.

The Golf Vacation of Your Dreams

My friend John is a gold instructor, and he would love Algarve Golf Courses. In fact, golf is one of the most healthful sports because it induces relaxation. Although you're unlikely to get a cardiovascular workout by hitting on a golf range, the mere fact that you're golfing will help you calm down and put you in a serene frame of mind. There are a number of wonderful five-star gold courses in Vilamoura in Portugal's Algarve area. These include The Victoria Course, the Old Course and the Pinhal course. Oceanico Golf can help you find the golf vacation of your dreams.


I've decided to nickname my daughter Big Honey in honor of her rapidly increasing height and the fact that the name reminds me of the name of some Tennessee Williams characters from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. When we call her Big Honey she turns and smiles. The problem, of course, is that we don't want to encourage her to eat honey, just respond to the name. Honey, like all sugars, is bad for your health because it raises insulin. When you increase insulin you're setting yourself up for many problems from heart disease to diabetes to stroke and even cancer.

Atkins Diet

I'm reading Dr. Robert C. Atkins' diet book, Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, Revised Edition. It's less a diet book, as he explains, and more a new way of eating. The induction phase involves not eating any carbohydrates except 20 grams per day. After that you can increase your amount. The purpose of restricting carbohydrates is to lower insulin fluctuations and get you ready to face a higher level of energy and vitality through fat metabolism. So far I have found the book wonderful, easy to read, and highly motivating.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

409 | Beach Boys & Junior Brown

Sure, I'm a nutritionist and my main concern is helping people with their diets and health, but sometimes you have to go beyond diet into the realm of the psychological and spiritual. One of the reasons for this is that the psychological influences the physical, and if you can relax — through meditation, reading, or listening to music, for example — then you'll feel better and your health will improve. For this reason I'm including a video of Junior Brown and the Beach Boys performing their car song "409." Enjoy!