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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Many people avoid butter. I know I did for many years. Yet butter has less problems than sugar, which is a super poison. Butter contains selenium, which has been shown to fight cancer. Butter also spoils less easily than most other fats. For example, although Udo Erasmus argues against cooking in oils, he says if you have to that butter is less likely to become ruined by cooking than many other oils. Plus butter contains fats that contribute to health in other ways. So use butter now and then, but preferably not on white bread, which will increase insulin levels.


Gina said...

hmmm..sounds interesting..yeahh I used a lot of butter..

beyond the rave reality said...

Yup we need food like this although too much can hurt your health. Everything should be in moderation. Have a great day topform/
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K. Fields said...

This was interesting to read about butter, I have always been a margarine eater, but someone just recently told me that butter is better for me. I have been thinking about trying it!
Great blog, I really like all the information you provide here. I am going to bookmark this so I can find it again, for further reading! :)