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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Delicious Dried Fruit

Ever since I started Atkins I've been cutting carbs like crazy, but I realize more than ever that good nutrition also involves having fruit occasionally, even dried fruit. When having dried fruit you want to go with something good, and something wholesome, which is why I recommend the friendly folks at Bella Viva Orchards and their Organic Dried Fruit. No, you don't have to overeat, but if you try a piece of dried fruit now and then it's so much better than candy because it's organic, it is natural, and it is full of nutrients. This Web site will tempt you with their delicious photos of the fruit and other items they sell, and you can't live like a monk, so once in a while you might as well live it up. The best thing is that you can order with ease and get the shipping options you prefer. And before I forget, let me add that the dried fruit you consume should not be more than the fresh fruit. For example two halves of a dried apricot equal a whole fresh apricot. They are my favorite dried fruit. The pictures on this site are wonderful and can give you a good idea of what you will get if you place an order for their products. Just remember: carbs in moderation.

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