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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here's a secret to greater energy that's based on sound science. It's the secret of fat metabolism. When you eat fats your body uses the fats in a continuous cycle; the fat in your body is recycled and the fat you eat is also used. In other words the body burns the fat you eat simultaneously with the fat it has stored in your abdomen, thighs, or other body parts. Wonderful news! But the best part is that if you consume fat without on a low-carb diet, you will avoid experiencing a slump in energy; you know, the slump that comes from eating a bowl of cereal or a piece of cake. After ingesting high-carb snacks like that, you'll feel an initial burst of energy (from the sugar), but when the body pumps out all that insulin to deal with the sugar, you'll experience low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and a slump in energy.1 This doesn't happen with fat. With fat, you get energy to go! And an added benefit of eating more fat, in addition to the energy you'll get, is that it actually has been shown to reduce heart disease.2
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