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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Expert Weight Loss Surgery

Sure, you've heard that Atkins can help you drop weight faster than any other diet; in fact, you could loose 50 to 250 pounds in a matter of just a few weeks — but now there's an even faster way to address your weight problems than Atkins, a method so fast you could do it in one day, a procedure that isn't a diet or a new way of eating, and that doesn't require you to make any rational food choices, such as avoiding sugary deserts and candy. It is, instead, a surgical operation in which Hadar Spivak, MD, FACS performs laproscopic surgery on the stomach, a form of surgery that involves operating through a small incision (usually just over an inch in size), allowing the surgeon to, in layman's terms, clamp or tie up part of the stomach so that food is not absorbed as completely as it had been previously, when your stomach was in its natural state. Of course, patients considering such a procedure will thoroughly research all the advantages and disadvantages, including the fact that, as disclosed on the Web site of gastric bypass, there is, as with all major surgery, a risk of complications, and a 0.5% risk of death.

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