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Monday, July 14, 2008

Entertainment to Help You Relax | Leviathan Chronicles

Good entertainment is a sine qua non for good health, unless you're a Platonist and believe, as Plato did (surely incorrectly), that art usually perverts and harms the pristine mind. Plato had a lot of wrongheaded ideas. But he was also a creative guy, and I bet he would have loved the audio show called the Leviathan Chronicles. Having heard the first episode I can say that the story moves along at a good clip, the characters are well drawn and realistic, and the plot is full of twists and turns that anyone would enjoy. I encourage people to check this out and put on the headphones and enjoy this unique aural experience. The Leviathan Chronicles is a new type of entertainment, a science-fiction podcast. Almost sure to make you relax and bring back some of the good feelings you get from any favorite story. More than that, because this story features science-fiction type characters, it’s sure to fire your imagination the way a romantic comedy never could. In the grand old tradition of Ray Bradbury and E. E. “Doc” Smith, this one’s a winner. In fact, Roger Zelazny and Philip K. Dick both would have loved this story since it incorporates elements of sci-fi that they themselves relished.
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