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Saturday, July 12, 2008

How Rats Help Mankind

Why do scientists use rats in so many biological experiments? The answer is that genetically the rat genome is quite similar to the human genome. For this reason, a diet that will cure a rat of diabetes is likely to also cure a human. And a drug or herbal supplement that is helpful to the rat is also likely to help humans. We can thank rats and mice for many of the breakthroughs in modern medicine. For this reason, when reading scientific reports that talk about experiments on mice, keep in mind that these experiments aren't merely theoretical; instead, they have profound implications for human health.


Imelda said...

rats are destructive to many but some people just dont know their importance.imagine if it is humans who are made as guinea pigs.

toothpick_tp said...

Why are rats used in many experiments? Experienced rat-keepers love rats and think that it's really hard to find anything bad about them. :)