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Thursday, July 3, 2008


It's generally recognized today by many health authorities that you cannot get adequate and optimal nutrition from diet alone; supplementation is needed. A lot of otherwise health savvy people buy an inexpensive multivitamin. For example, their multi may have dl-alpha-tocopherol, the synthetic form of vitamin E, which is not as biologically active as the natural form, d-alpha-tocopherol. This is just one of many ways multivitamin manufacturers cut costs. The best multi, in my opinion, is the one produced by the Life Extension Foundation, Life Extension Mix, which comes in pills or powder. I prefer the powdered form. In addition to high-quality ingredients, the mix also contains many other nutritional substances of value, such as 325 mg. green tea extract (EGCG), which is equivalent to drinking 3-6 cups of green tea per day. Plenty of thought went into this formula by many well-known alternative medicine physicians.

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