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Monday, July 21, 2008

New Pain Relief Cream

I personally prefer to avoid certain untested substances and even some highly touted ones, which the public generally considers innocuous, such as ibuprofen, especially because the combination with aspirin can be deleterious. If you find that hard to believe just Google ibuprofen on and you'll see what I mean. I don't mind doing a little research before I try something. I consider it good to have information. I take natural supplements for pain, when it occurs, such as glucosamine and MSM. But some people, on the advice of a physician, or on their own, decide to opt for the easy solution. now has a product with some good ingredients and some I'd not put in that classification. In fact the number one ingredient in it is ibuprofen. This is a product which, if taken, should not be taken in conjunction with aspirin. At the same time, some of its ingredients are good, such as glucosamine. But this is a lesson for us all. It's not enough to look at one ingredient in a product, or even at the major active ingredient. It is necessary to look at all the ingredients before deciding to use a substance. For more on this one Emuprofen topical ibuprofen cream.

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