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Thursday, July 3, 2008


Good-bye pasta! Good-bye bread! Good-bye pretzels! I'm through with all of you because I need to follow the advice in the latest books by Gary Taubes and Dr. Atkins. Avoid the carbohydrates, avoid the sugars that have plagued civilization for the past three decades. It's out of control. High fructose corn syrup is everywhere. Sugar is everywhere. "Get out of my life," is my new mantra. Good-bye sweet life! Hello health. Remember when they used to call pasta macaroni? Whatever happened to those days? We've been steamrollered into thinking pasta is good. I admit it tastes great — I was raised on it. But, hey, sometimes you're raised on poison.


Danah said...

i love pasta! have a wonderful day!

Marilyn Christian said...

i love it too, but sometimes what tastes good is not good. anyway, it's better to use whole wheat pasta if you're going to have it. remember that Marlon Brando looked like a balloon before he died. Why? because he ate pasta every day.