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Monday, July 28, 2008

Red Clover Fights Prostate Cancer

A new study indicates that red clover (Trifolium pratense) effectively fights prostate cancer. Apparently it has this ability because it is "one of the richest sources of isoflavones."1 Researchers concluded: "This report suggests that dietary isoflavones may halt the progression of prostate cancer by inducing apoptosis in low to moderate-grade tumors, potentially contributing to the lower incidence of clinically significant disease in Asian men. The assessment of new prostatic therapies aimed at increasing apoptosis should control for intake of dietary isoflavones."2 [Emphasis supplied.] Red clover's isoflavones mimic estrogen, binding to estrogen receptor sites and reducing the potentially carcinogenic effects of excess estrogen,3 which is often encountered in menopause and andropause.
  1. Red Clover(Trifolium pratense) is rich in isoflavones. (Accessed July 24, 2008).
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