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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Vista versus XP

I have been using a computer since early 1998 and I believe that every day I learn something new. Over the course of the years I have seen numerous Windows operating systems come and go, and there is one new one every few years. The usability and look and feel of Vista is fine. The fact that you can see through the little menu windows is a nice feature. In many cases, however, you won't find a big difference between Vista and previous operating systems, which makes the transition easy for you, especially if you've gotten used to certain features and they've become second nature to you. You can always use Windows Vista Small Business Assurance and their customer service team. For more info, visit Windows Vista today. When you do, be sure to ask about the new features of Vista. One of the features that is particularly helpful is that when we start WordPerfect, each time the program starts we have to tell the operating system that we recognize the program. How's that's for convenience! That's really helpful. Little improvements like that are what the developers can congratulate themselves for as they work on the next iteration. Other than those wonderful features, one of the nicest new features of Vista is that it lets you burn from the Windows Explorer tool bar. That, and the fact that integration with software and hardware is often seamless, makes Vista worth a try. Hopefully they'll add back the cut, copy, and paste buttons, which were available in XP's Windows Explorer but are mysteriously gone from Vista. But, hey, the fact that they're gone may actually be a good thing. It prevents me from accidentally cutting, copying, or pasting any of my files. So, thank you, Vista, for these improvements.
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1 comment:

XP_forever said...

If comparing Vista and XP, I'll still stick to XP due to its compatibilities with games and softwares compared to Vista.