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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vista and Health Blogging

Since pencils have been in use points have been breaking and since typewriters have been in use ribbons have snagged and since computers have been in use screens go blank, hard drives fail, and software has bugs. Since we all live in a world of time and deadlines it seems these problems happen at the worst of times. Since the customer service offered by the Windows Vista Small Business Assurance customer service team is available round the clock it might be worthwhile to look into signing up with them. Since they are the gold standard when it comes to computers. Windows Vista is not only a new operating system but a proven one as well. This author has used it for about a year now and can vouch for the fact that it allows him to post numerous blog entries quickly and flawlessly. In that it is not much different from previous operating systems. One little story will illustrate how vital posting health information can be. Reader, I discovered last week that a certain combination of supplements is essential for mitochondria health. The combination includes acetyl-L-carnitine arginate, acetyl-L-carnitine, carnosine, R-lipoic acid, and a few other good things that work synergistically (the full ingredient list will be posted later). They are available in Life Extension Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer With SODzyme. I then went online to buy the product and found it cost $82. But someone had posted recently about a sale they were having, and I was able to purchase it for $61.50, a considerable savings.
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