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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Arm Length

Most people do not have arms of equal length. This was a fact I first discovered when I went to Brooks Brothers to buy a business suit. I had read John T. Molloy's book Dress for Success, and it suggested that I should tip the tailor. But I had to ask for the best tailor first. The man's name was Aldo, and he was a whiz of a tailor. This was in the Boston store, a very nice store indeed. Anyway, he measured me and told me that the sleeves of the jacket would be cut to match my arms, which were of unequal length,—the right being slightly longer. My shirts would not match because they were off the shelf, and as a result, he warned me, the left sleeve would stick out more. Indeed, just as he predicted, my left sleeve stuck out more and for years I would tug it back up to try to get them even.

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