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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big Cat Site

Boyds Bengals is a Web site that breeds Bengal cats, a type of feline pet that can be entered into shows. Bengal breeder sites are aplenty on the Internet but this one is different; they have the time to do the job right. Located in Savannah, Georgia, they aren't just doing this as a job; they're passionate about cats, especially the Bengals, and they know these cats inside out. The Begnal cat is a friendly cat and one that can be trained to act as a pet and companion to the elderly or infirm, or to anyone who loves cats. These animals are intelligent and self-sufficient. In fact, these cats are bred to look wild, with stripes like a tiger, but they're specifically and intentionally bred to be friendly and domesticated. They are very friendly, provided they are separated by at least three generations from the original Asian Leopard Cat. The Bengal cat is related to the Asian Leopard Cat, but the Bengal cat is not related to the Bengal tiger, so don't be frightened. Trust your pet choices to no one but the best. This breed of cat makes a marvelous pet; in fact, the best of pets. Give them a visit and meet your new Bengal cat.

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