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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Color and Relaxation

Trying to decide what color to paint your bedroom? Research shows that wall color can directly affect mood. In fact, the color pink has been found to be the most relaxing of all wall colors. Here's the abstract: "A kinesoid experiment using bright pink and bright blue construction paper has shown that placing the pink paper in front of a subject's eyes causes the response of significant loss of muscular strength, whereas the blue construction paper placed at a similar distance shows no such response. This experiment has been tried with 153 subjects, with only 2 failing to lose strength to the pink color. Experiments with 38 subjects using an adjustable dynamometer has shown similar results. As early as 1932, research has shown that visible wavelengths of light reach the pineal and pituitary glands through neurochemical channels independent of the optic system. In 1979, several prisons utilized these various findings by painting a holding cell for new inmates completely pink. After 223 days of continuous use as a temporary holding facility for new confinees, the pink cell seemed to produce a reduction in the hostile, violent, or aggressive behavior typical of new inmates. The use of pink color in reducing aggression and causing relaxation is humane and involves no medication or physical force. The phenomenon affects the endocrine system causing a tranquilizing effect on the muscle system that cannot be controlled. The effect is achieved within 2.7 seconds, and works with adults, adolescents, the color-blind, and the strongest athletes. Success has even been obtained in training subjects to imagine the color when they are feeling hostile. Sixteen references are provided." A G Schauss. 1979. Tranquilizing effect of color reduces aggressive behavior and potential violence. Journal of Orthomolecular Psychiatry. Volume 8, issue 4. 218-221. In your comment, please tell me what color are your walls?

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