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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Watch Chicago Cubs League

Cubs rooftops can change your life — if you're a sports fan. The reason is simple. At this unique club, you can sit in the comfort of a rooftop and be right across the street from world famous Wrigley Field. What does this mean to you, the ardent sports fan? Quite simply the best seats in the house. Better than being at the ballpark with that milling crowd of rowdy noisemakers, you'll be enjoying the game from the comfort and convenience of a restaurant and bar atop a building affording you a magisterial view of the game in an environment that can't be topped! Why wait on long lines and rub shoulders with obstreperous fans who swill beer from open cans and slobber sloppy hot dogs and pretzels all over themselves (you know the crowd I mean), when you can relax in the cozy confines of the Cubs rooftops and watch Chicago Cubs games in the kind of environment you prefer, an environment where you'll be waited on by a professional staff and left to your own devices when you wish to be undisturbed. This is sports at its best. Try it and see for yourself. The Web site gives you all the details (and the history of the location) so that you can book your group into this unique venue in time for the playoffs or for your favorite game date.

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