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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Excellent Northern Exchange Traded Shares

When I was seventeen I read the book that changed my life. It was called The Art of Contrary Thinking. It was all about the stock market. What did I know about the stock market in those days? Nothing. All I knew was that this book, which had a white cover with the name of the book in black ink, was a primer on thinking against the pack. That is what a good investor does, he thinks like an individual not like a pack animal. NETS ETFs and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) from Northern Exchange Traded Shares (NETS) let savvy investors think outside the box by trading fund groups in a flexible and creative manner. When you really understand how this works, it's perfectly simple. The basic idea (for those interested in advanced investing) is that your ETFs can be traded like stocks (as opposed to mutual funds, which are a more time consuming trade), so that you can buy them or sell them within a matter of minutes or hours rather than weeks or months, as with mutual funds. These are troubled times, but this company offers investment opportunities that can help you think different and make a mark in the investing world.

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