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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Customizable Real Estate Signs

I admit I am a sign person. I love signs. I like signs more, sometimes, than I should. It's because I like to advertise myself. I wish I had a sign for my door. I currently have a piece of paper on it with my name, but I'd like a nice gold-plated tastefully designed brass sign. Did you know that there's a law that says that when you rent an apartment you have a right to put your name on the door. It's a right protected by the First Amendment. So express yourself with a custom sign by You could make custom Real Estate Signs, or any kind of sign you like, including car magnet signs. If selling a home, I could easily imagine using a custom sign to put in the lawn. People would stop by and inquire as to the sale price every day if we used a nice sign. Or in this election year, you could put a sign for McCain or Obama in your yard!

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