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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gluttony | My Secret Solution

You know why gluttony is a sin? (In the Catholic religion, that is.) Because it's a sign of human frailty. I myself overeat all the time. But now I realize that there's a safe way to overeat. The method is to overeat foods that are low in carbohydrates — in other words cheese, meat, fish, and any fat-based food. You can't gain weight no matter how much of this food you eat, provided you don't eat carbohydrates. That's the tricky part. For example, this afternoon we went to a nice restaurant and I followed this simple rule: eat as much as you want, but don't eat carbohydrates. So I had a cheeseburger, and some salmon, and steamed broccoli and vegetables. Now, admittedly, there were some carbs in the vegetables, but not too many. (I had a cup of tea, plain, no sugar, for dessert.) So I stuffed myself and overate and left feeling like a king. But I will not gain any weight from it because I ate practically no carbs. When the bread was brought to the table I totally refrained. Even one piece of bread would have caused the body to produce insulin which in turn would have packed those fats I consumed into my body. I know the secret. And now so do you. I learned this from Atkins and Gary Taubes and Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, M.D., as well as others. Try it, it works. Not only will you not gain weight, you'll also be able to eat as much as you wish and you will actually lose weight.

1 comment:

anneberly said...

everything should be in moderation. we need carbohydrates everyday. have a great day to you
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