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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Historic Georgia Vacation

Savannah tours will make your dream vacation a reality. The Atlanta Trolley Tour on was the beginning for us. Then we visited the Civil War sites in Atlanta. We saw the battlefield where Sherman and his men fought the famous battle of Atlanta, and we visited the Civil War museum. Later we went to the gift shop and bought cards and gifts and memorabilia about the Civil War and our Atlanta trip. In all, we had a memorable time and took many good Kodak photographs. The rain was heavy the first day, but that only made the battlefield more realistic when we arrived. There were seventeen men in blue and gray uniforms, and they reenacted one of the famous battles of Atlanta. It was a fun time all around and brought home to us how close history really is. It's right here in Atlanta! We recommend Atlanta tours to all our friends. Last but not least, we'd like to share the fact that we visited some terrific gift shops in Atlanta and then went out for seafood. If you think seafood is good in the Northeast (and it is) then you must try it in Atlanta. The word "superb" doesn't do it justice.

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