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Saturday, August 2, 2008

How Tocotrienols Reverse Clogged Arteries

I have reported elsewhere that tocotrienols, one of the eight isomers (or forms) of vitamin E, can reverse clogged arteries. Here I will explain how this miracle works. The research that led to this discovery was done, in part, by Lester Packer.1 The alpha tocopherol isomer and the tocotrienol isomer differ significantly. Both isomers have a head and tail, but the tail is more pronounced and active in the tocotrienol isomer; therefore it is thought to work like a nanomachine version of a plumber's snake or "Rotor-Rooter," cleaning out the gunk in arteries. No other substance known to man accomplishes this task in such a natural way. Other researchers found that "The beneficial effect of tocotrienols on atherogenesis, the plasma lipoprotein profile and accumulation of hepatic cholesterol esters cannot be attributed to their antioxidant properties."2 Which leads to the conclusion that the anti-clogged arteries effect is caused by the molecule's shape. Knowing this, many people will want to take this wonder substance that can reverse clogged arteries and prevent heart attack and stroke. But tocotrienols are hard to come by in the American diet. They are found primarily in palm oil. I myself consume palm oil as well as taking Swanson's Full-Spectrum E w/ Tocotrienols and primordial performance's Toco-8 (the most delicious supplement I take, and everyone who's tried it agrees), all of which contain tocotrienols.
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