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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hire a Detective to Snoop for You

Jean-Paul Sartre would have loved this one since his wife Simone de Beauvoir cheated on him; it's Cheaters Detective Agency, and it can snoop on your partner to tell you whether there is evidence of a healthy relationship or infidelity. If King Arthur had had access to this agency, Lancelot would never have gotten anywhere with Guenevere and the entire history of medieval England might have been happier. Don't get duped like King Arthur. Find out the truth. In fact, you and your honey bear can have a mutual agreement to hire this agency to check each of you out, to prove how faithful you both are! There's a wonderful video on this site that you must see. Did you know that D.H. Lawrence's wife, Frieda Weekley, cheated on him with numerous men. If only Lawrence had hired these detectives, he could have saved himself a lot of anguish. Be another Raymond Chandler. Not recommended for the paranoid or faint of heart.

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