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Friday, August 1, 2008


I went to a meditation meeting tonight and meditated for at least a good twenty minutes. It was an amazing and enlightening (no pun intended) experience. It was led by an advocate of a new form of meditation that lasts twenty minutes and involves focusing on breathing. I learned that there are four ways to generate energy:
  1. Sleep, since it is essential for freshening the mind.
  2. Food, since it is essential for good health and without it the mind cannot function.
  3. State of mind, since we cannot have a good amount of energy without a positive state of mind.
  4. Breath, since the breath is tied to your state of mind.
At least this is what they taught at the meeting, and these teachings are in line with Buddhism. Nietzsche had some good (and some negative) things to say about Buddhism. The good is that it is based on physical results. The bad is that it can (like marijuana) lead to passivity. I will report more on what I find if I pursue this type of meditation.

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