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Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh Money, Where Are You?

Bills IQ and its quiz revealed that money is not simply money, it is a commodity, a letter of credit, a hundred times more important for Credit card debt and financial health than most people think, and most of all it is something that can be won or lost in an instant. Debt relief is also part of the financial matrix, not only for the current health of the economy but also for the foreseeable future when loans and buyouts become even more ubiquitous. Debt help is something Shylock could tell us about, since he was in the business of Debt consolidation and charged an exorbitant interest rate. But BillsIQ can help understanding big financial setbacks, financial successes, and financial complications, which all of us, including the famed Donald, have experienced. Whether your situation involves hundreds of dollars or billions, they can point in right direction, helping travelers and wayfarers find that magnetic North Pole that leads to healthier savings, healthier investing, healthier spending, and healthier overall financial standing. This includes a better credit score, something every investor and working man should study. A haiku says it all, in the style of the immortal Bashō, the Japanese master of the form:

Gold coins make a thump;
They fall into winter snow.
Thoughts of Donald Trump.

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