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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Expert Water Solutions

I am very picky about the water I drink. As I have reported elsewhere on this blog, my favorite water is filtered and treated water. I do not like any natural water except New York City water, which is delicious. But there are some bottled waters and filtered waters that taste almost as good. The advantage of using a water filtration system is that you can be sure that the water you're drinking has had toxins and harmful products removed before they hit your system. Expert Water Solutions is a company for the future, and for today. The reason is that it provides a reliable and safe water filtration system for both home and business. They also provide water treatment and water conditioning. The pH of water is also a factor to be considered, as pointed out by Terry Grossman, M.D. and Ray Kurzweil in Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever. I never stop and think about pH, which is a measure of the acidity of water, but apparently it is something that, when controlled properly, can help the body maintain its detoxification system. The other advantage of filtered water is that the pH can be controlled to within a tolerance of two decimal places. But the final advantage is that filtered water usually tastes better than water filled with untreated pollutants.

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