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Friday, August 1, 2008

Best Credit Cards

Readers of this blog are seeking good physical health, but there is another kind of health that is also important; and that is financial health. Credit cards are one way to attain good financial health because they can help you develop a credit history, which can help when you wish to obtain a car or home loan. But with the bewildering array of cards available, how's a person to choose? A new Web site makes it easy. lets you easily compare all the major credit cards. I was able to locate my favorite card in seconds. It also lets you see whether they have an annual fee, something I always consider. And the site also lets you compare two or more cards side by side. They also have an awesome help and education center that teaches you all the essentials about credit cards. This should be mandatory reading for all college students, and for anyone seeking a new card. My only suggestion, since I like to read the fine print, is that it would be great to have the card user agreement online, but the site is so helpful in other ways that this is a small point. Check these guys out before you fill in that Credit Card Application.

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