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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


There has been a lot of hoopla about resveratrol lately. There is talk that this substance from red wine can help explain the French Paradox (the fact that the French eat a horrible diet and lots of red wine but have little heart disease). There is talk that revseratrol can lengthen the life span of humans as it has lengthened the life span of flatworms. There is even talk that resveratrol can improve your sex life. But is it true? The greatest problem I see is that resveratrol is not well absorbed orally.

As one commentator writes: "Now for the ‘reality check’ - facts often omitted in the media taken from this same study. To get the equivalent beneficial doses of resveratrol used in this study Sinclair warned that 'you would have to drink over a thousand glasses of wine a day.' Also, no one has shown that these doses of resveratrol used in the study are either safe or effective, and supplements are not well absorbed. How about more news encouraging healthy lifestyles to get the same benefits without the risks, such as a diet full of fruits and vegetables, exercise, meditation, etc.?"

Hey, I want to live a long healthy life just as much as the next guy, and if the facts about resveratrol sounded true I'd be the first one to take it. But so far it sounds too much like flying saucers to me. But that being said, I'm still looking, hoping for the green and red flashing lights in the sky.

June Russell. 2006. Facts About the Recent Resveratrol Studies. Health Plus Letter. Vol. 4, No. 27 (Nov. 29). (Accessed August 13, 2008.)

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