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Monday, August 4, 2008

Customer Marketing Breakthrough

This is like Candid Camera, only it's geared to help corporations evaluate their workers. Here's how it works. You're a big corporation, say a bank with 1,500 branches. You want to know whether your tellers are sleeping on the job, whether the bank managers are friendly, whether the whole branch is run well. This is what you do. You hire BestMark to evaluate your branches. Do they send in a professional evaluator? Do they send in a bank expert? Or do they simply send in average people who are called "mystery shoppers," people who will go into the bank, try to set up an account, ask for the manager, and generally transact business that a normal person would do in a bank. Then they report back to BenchMark. "The manager was tired; he didn't smile; the tellers were rude, especially Sally H.; and the wait was half an hour!" This is a report that gets sent back to you, the C.E.O. of the bank, and you can then fire Sally, get a new manager, and replace all your tellers. The point is that a corporation sometimes cannot evaluate its own people because workers know when they're being observed. Let BestMark take the mystery out of mystery shopping for your corporation or company.

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