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Friday, August 1, 2008

Yogurt and Peanuts

I used to eat a lot of yogurt and peanuts. Who am I kidding; I still do! The problem is that I just discovered that both these delicious and nutritious foods contain a relatively high level of carbohydrates. Who would have thought that something as innocuous as peanuts even contained any carbs? But I used to eat pretzels by the bagful. I gave them up about a year ago when I realized that they are pure carbohydrates. The unimaginable harm I was doing to my body is beyond repair. At least I learned. Now I hope I don't have to give up peanuts and yogurt. But I sure am enjoying that Swiss cheese and turkey!

1 comment:

Chobits said...

I think yogurt is healthy compare to peanut, eat yogurt often should be no problem coz i love it too espcially straberry flavour! ^^