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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Affordable Beach Cruiser Bicycles

I am sick of running on a treadmill. That's all I do: treadmill and elliptical machine. Sure, I lift weights, too. But for aerobic exercise I need a break. I'm seriously thinking of trying something new. I see these guys riding through our neighborhood on shiny new bikes, cruiser bikes, also known as beach cruisers. There aren't any beaches here, although we do live on the water. But their bikes are eye-catching and splashy-looking, they roll along at moderate speed, and they look comfy. That's what a want. A comfortable workout. But also I want to turn heads as I tool by on a nice red bike. There's a site,, that sells them at a terrific low price and ships worldwide. I want that Chuck Berry style without having to buy a 1950s Chrysler. I'm going to get my cruiser bike and ride it with one hand while eating a hamburger. Wait until you see this. I will post a photo of me doing it here, too.

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