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Monday, September 1, 2008

Are You Ready to Live Debt free?

Let me tell you a funny stody about one of the most famous French writers, Balzac, who lived most of his adult life in debt. It wasn't because he didn't earn great sums of money;— he did; it was because he spent more than he earned. Like Michael Jackson, the profligate millionaire, Balzac had a taste for things (gloves, perfume, women) that he couldn't consume. If only he had the services of NetDebt perhaps his life would have been easier; he certainly would not have been so afraid of creditors. The pressures of living in debt made Balzac vacate the first floor of his two-story mansion in Paris, moving to the first floor and putting black shades and curtains in the windows of the first floor in hopes of fooling his creditors into thinking he had abandoned the property. He never left the house by day, afraid of being slapped with a summons to appear in court. He worked at night and slipped out under cover of darkness to run errands and meet friends and lovers. In this way, the pressures of debt virtually ruined his life. And he was a wealthy man, earning millions of francs every year for his work. Visit the site listed above and get out of debt in a matter of days or weeks. Don't become another Balzac, running from the law and from life.
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