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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheese, Protein and Fat

I should not like to write about a subject as interesting as this one without having first had some practical experience in the matter; and by "matter" I refer to no less a delicacy than cheese. Specifically, I mean to talk about its nutritional components. It has come to my attention that cheese is composed 2/3 of fat, 1/3 of protein, and 0 percentage as carbohydrates, which means that cheese is the ideal Atkins food. The photo represents the fact that one slice of cheese (a wedge that could fit upon a tablespoon) is the equivalent of three cups of milk. Eat more cheese and you will reduce insulin levels, improve triglyceride levels and improve energy levels. The fact that it also tastes good is something to which this author can readily attest.


Jaz said...

The main thing about cheese, other than it is one of the best foods on the planet (yes, I love cheese!!), is that you have to watch out for those nasty little cheese "food" products. Does cheese get fed too? Uh no. Those things are nothing but veggie oils and not very good ones.

I would just caution people to be aware of the difference. Thanks for your post!!!

TR Hughes said...

Great post. Cheese is my "go-to" food whenever I want to eliminate starches for a bit...which tend to bloat my tummy. I am addicted to cheese. After some research I discovered that cheese has some very small amounts of a morphine-like substance...maybe you could clarify that for me. Perhaps I'm just trying to justify my cheese weakness (other than fat being satisfying to the palette and tummy). I try to get good quality organic or "raw" cheeses from like whole foods. Nonetheless, cheese is my very favorite food.