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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cocoa (pronounced "KO-ko")

Lots of people like chocolate, that goes without saying. But why is this? and what is it about chocolate that makes us love it? Is it just because it tastes great? because it's sweet? or because it's flavorful? The body often craves what is harmful (like sugar) but sometimes it also craves what is good. In the case of chocolate, the coco polyphenols have been shown in numerous studies to protect endothelial function (the inside of blood vessels) and to help the brain and heart. Life Extension reports "consuming polyphenols from wine, cocoa, or tea during the meal.... [has] endothelial-protecting properties."1

  1. A Novel Method to Protect Your Aging Arteries. William Faloon. (Accessed Sept. 13, 2008.)


Rachel said...

I do wonder whether the amount of fat present in chocolate counter acts the good effects of the cocoa. I would assume that having raw cocoa (which is available in some health bars and in cocoa nibs) is probably much heathier.

Bao - said...

Very nice article, I didnt know that much about Cocoa or Ko-Ko; great post by the way

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