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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Genetic Promise Is Here Today

There is no greater promise than that of genetic engineering, and today that promise is coming into its own with new discoveries and the mapping of the entire human genome, a project that required years of work by hundreds of researchers. The implications of this completed project are myriad and stunning, for that accomplishment ushered in the age of genetic fixes for disease states as varied as Alzheimers, Huntington's disease, diabetes, and hundreds of others. In the next twenty years that list is expected to grow to thousands. What this means, to be sure, is not that we currently have cures for all those diseases, but that we can predict whether an individual is susceptible to them, more susceptible than the general population. With such predictive power comes the possibility of providing guidelines for the individual to take certain preventative steps and to access certain curative measures in the here and now to prevent the disease from manifesting or to blunt the expression of harmful genes before they can manifest the full fury of their destructive potential. In the near future the potential exists for the curing of many diseases through this genetic knowledge. But in order for these cures to take effect, one often needs some genetic "ur" material, or stem cells from the person. Today theough a site known as C'elle a woman can easily collect this genetic material and store it for the future use of herself or a blood relative. Order Now page shows how easy it is to take advantage of this technology. And the choice is yours to make and the insurance on your future is yours for the asking. Pricing page has all the answers to your questions. This is the future, here for you to enjoy today.

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