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Monday, September 8, 2008

Head Injuries | Protect Yourself

Muhammad Ali. Joe Frazer. Joe Louis. All boxers who won terrific fights and who went on to become heavyweight champion of the world. But unfortunately, also boxers who suffered brain damage as a result of the head trauma they suffered not only in the ring during fights but also sparring in the gym. The boxer's greatest nightmare is a fine career as a young man but then devceloping brain disease as a middle aged and older man. The only way to prevent such injuries is to get out of boxing as soon as possible. Retire with dignity. That's what Bob Hope did. That's what Lou Costello did. And that's what numerous other intelligent boxers do. Boxers are often very intelligent, but if they stay in the ring they risk losing their brain power. For those not in the ring the message is clear: protect your cranium. Even those playing other sports, like football, should be wary of head injuries.

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