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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Magnetic Therapy | Does It Work?

I was surprised when I first heard about magnetic therapy and I thought it must be a hoax or a false hope snake oil idea which had no effect, but when I visited Dr. Joseph Mercola, M.D.'s Web site and found that he endorsed it and, in fact, was mentioning that he has begun sleeping on a magnetic bed which gave him relief from some conditions he was experiencing,—well, when I read that it changed my mind; and I now have an open mind about the whole subject. In fact, I have to admit I'm intrigued by the idea. First of all, no one knows how magnets work. The greatest scientists in the world cannot really tell you how they work. So perhaps they do have some effect that is beneficial on human tissue and the human body.

There is a growing consensus that magnet therapy and magnetic therapy products might play a role in the treatment of illness. According to some reports, you need to obtain a magnet which has sufficient strength. Dr. Mercola recommends this test: If the magnet can hold a paper clip through a sock, it's strong enough. If not, look for a stronger magnet.


Anonymous said...

I've also not heard about Magnetic therapy. I got to know from your blog...

Cally the Wild Aspie said...

I can definitely say mileage varies with magnetic therapy. The quality of the magnet is very important - not just the Gauss strength (like the paperclip test). Also, in my own experience, I have found some products do not work for me as they work for others (e.g., necklaces that cause headaches instead of relieving them) or do not seem to work at all (I also have a magnetic bed, and it doesn't seem to help, and you can't leave anything electronic on it!). But some other products - I use an ache-relief cream with magnets in it - work splendidly! (And not just on muscle aches, but tense muscles, bruises, headaches, sinus pressure ...) The keys are to experiment (just because one product didn't work for you doesn't mean no magnetic therapy will) and to only trust reputable sources that will allow you to try out a product before buying it.

Anonymous said...

It's very true that there are a wide range of products of this sort available, not all of which work at all. Some magnetic therapy products can be quite effective, though, and finding which ones those are is well worth the benefit of drug-free pain relief.