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Monday, September 1, 2008

Picamilon Increases Mental Component of Sports Performance

Russian research indicates that picamilon increases athletic performance. The drug has this effect by calming the athlete's mind without affecting motor coordination, tone, or activity. The athlete's mind is calmer and therefore performance is enhanced. Research (translated from the Russian) indicates that "the native original drug pycamilon can be used in sport medicine for increasing the sportsmen psychical stability, optimization of psychical activity, especially before start under conditions of competitions. Pycamilon doesn't cause myorelaxation and sedative action; it is recommended for increasing the efficiency of the regulation system of complex-coordinative activity of sportsmen." This basically says that picamilon relaxes an athlete mentally, not physically. (Note the unusual spelling of the word picamilon in the translated quotation.)

  1. EFFECT OF PYCAMILON ON SPORTSMEN PSYCHICAL STABILITY. Central scientific-reaearch institute of medico-biologica1 problems of sport, 10, Elizavetinsky per., Moscow 103064, USSR.
  2. Life Extension Foundation, list of research on picamilon.

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