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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Power Sleep | The Book, The Concept

Sleep pretty wantons,1 do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby.
Thomas Dekker (1572–1632) • "Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes"
1. An obsolete term for a pampered child.

Sleep, indeed! sleep, that harbinger of better days! of daisy-decked dreams! you wayward psychopomp and conductor of the ego into realms of egolessness and dreams! Nightmare of the soul when scrunched up into tidbits of tadpole-like tenpennies all atwitter with nonsense and nonsensicality. The power of sleep to slough off a bad mood, a terrible day, or a mental disequibrium has been noted for ages, and like a miracle drug that restores vitality and mental alertness, that refreshes the mind and the body alike, that ushers all who partake of its sweet surcease into a heavenly state, sleep deserves its name as the restorer of the soul and the motivator of the mind. That James B. Mass, Cornell psychopomp of the freshman brigade, has written a book entitled Power Sleep is no surprise, that it recommends 10 hours per night is. And yet the research seems to suggest that most people are sleep deprived and are wrecking their adrenal system by continuing in this course of persnickety procrastination.

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