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Saturday, September 13, 2008


The health of any individual, psychological health, that is, depends upon understanding the psychological concept known in the industry as projection. When we project we attribute qualities (usually negative, but also sometimes positive) to other people which are, in actuality, qualities or traits that we ourselves possess. The other person may possess these qualities, too; but the important point about projection is that the individual doing the projecting is the one who possesses these qualities, and he is too afraid (unconsciously) to recognize these qualities in himself. To achieve maximal health, on a psychological level, it's is necessary to reintegrate these projections into the ego. In the accompanying video we see John Lennon admitting that when he wrote the song "How Do You Sleep?" about Paul McCartney he was in fact projecting and criticizing things that he didn't like about himself. The fact that he realized this, and had the hutzpah to admit it on national television, is a sign of his deep insight, not surprising in one so artistic.

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