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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tennis is My Sport of Choice

As anyone who reads this blog regularly is well aware, health is our main concern and there are three pillars of health.
  1. Diet
  2. Sleep, and
  3. Exercise
Of the three, exercise deserve some special consideration here because one of the chief distractions of many health discussions is the general exhortation to do aerobic exercise without any specific sport mentioned. Tennis, it should be known, is one exercise that has been neglected in the sports pages of health magazines primarily because those in the health field are either ignorant of the value of the sport or, which is more likely, they are simply not tennis players themselves and therefore have no special fondness for the sport. In my case, however, I am glad to report that one of my favorite aerobic sports is tennis, and that is why I was delighted to find a wonderful tennis equipment Web site that has everything under the sun related to tennis. One of my favorites is their selection of babolat rackets. Another wonderful aspect of their site is the quality tennis racquets they carry. can help a tennis aficionado like myself become a better player by outfitting him with the best equipment and the best accessories. By the way, for those of you who simply like leisure clothes, the tennis look can't be beat: white shorts or tennis pants for men, white skirts for women, and a t-shirt and cap, plus the obligatory tennis shoes. There is no better place to get the tennis look than

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