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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Travels with a Winnebago for Vacation Fun

Readers of my health blog know that one of the ways to improve health is to reduce cortisol, a stress hormone. Relaxation techniques like meditation achieve this effect, but there are other ways to accomplish the same goal, one of which is to relax by taking a vacation. And there's a wonderful site that I'd like to share with you that can help you increase your vacation fun: Altmans. The site offers a wide selection of terrific recreational vehicles. Their Winnebago selection is tops. In Travels with Charley John Steinbeck traveled across America in his Winnebago and wrote about his experience seeing the various parts of the country. You may be asking yourself what that might have to do with your own vacation. The point is he had the time of his life and if you get into an RV you'll have the time of your life. You don't even have to buy it to start with, you can rent or lease it to start and then see if you like it. You will! There are many people who swear by them. A friend of ours lives in one! California RV Dealers can help you find the RV of your choice. Who knows, you may turn out to be the next Steinbeck and write a memoir of your travels.

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