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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Atkins Revolution

Abstract: This is the introduction for an article on the Atkins diet.

Atkins, for all its controversy, for all the hoopla about how effective it is, for all the criticism, for all the ridicule heaped upon the man and his organization, for all the positive and negative written about him, – Atkins is quite simply one of the most important topics anyone can discuss these days. And the reason why Atkins is so important should be clear to anyone who cares about their own physical health or the health of those they love. Because Atkins (the diet, the man, and the philosophy behind it) represents one of the most foresightful and innovative investigations into what constitutes the ideal human diet; and, when you get right down to it, what could be more important that that? What could be more essential? or more vital? or more necessary?; assuming, of course, that you want to live to a ripe old age and do it in style, with a high quality of life and being sound in body and mind! This is the Atkins promise, and this is why investigating this topic is probably the most important issue facing human society today.

And yet Atkins has been neglected as if he were an embarrassment to the medical community and he has been relegated to a position of ridicule. This neglect is another reason why Atkins is important because what if he’s right? Why not look at the issue squarely, look it in the face, examine it on its merits and do some clinical studies to test its basic premises instead of neglecting it and shutting it away from the light of scrutiny. Because of the weighty matters it touches upon, namely, the ideal diet for a human, Atkins deserves better treatment than the neglect in the scientific community that he has received to date.

This article will examine this most important subject – the Atkins diet – and thoroughly investigate the history of Atkins, how the diet came to be, and how it is helping millions today, despite being ridiculed and neglected by the medical community at large.

1 comment:

Allure said...

i would say atkins diet is effective.

atkins was a genius...