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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Do You Have Halloween Costume?

No health blog would be complete this Halloween season without mentioning that it is counterproductive to eat candy, even for youngsters, because of its deleterious effect on blood sugar and insulin levels. That being said, I hope everyone has a great Halloween, and a good costume is part and parcel of the fun on that day. Halloween Costume Stores has rapid and effortless returns and also complimentary shipping on orders over sixty dollars until October 10, 2008, so all you devils and princesses can get ready for the big day. My favorite thing to be on Halloween is a pirate, and this is because I am a big fan of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. In that story a young boy is captured by pirates and spirited away with Long John Silver to an island where buried treasure is the goal of the parties converging on the spot. When things go wrong gunplay is involved and the boy learns an important lesson about who to trust and who to avoid. The Halloween costumes that can be associated with the story include the pirates and the boy and also the minister, his step-father. As with all stories, it is always more fun when the story comes to life.

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